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Salinger (2013)

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It was 1979, I got an assignment from Newsweek magazine, to photgraph this author. He doesn't like to be photographed, but we do know he picks up his mail in Windsor, Vermont. So I waited. And then this Jeep pulls up, and he out and he goes into the post office really quickly, and as he came back out, [click] I got it. I got Salinger. The publication of Catcher in the Rye in 1951 was a revolution. There had not been a voice like that. >> When you're a kid, and you read Catcher in the Rye, you're just like, Oh my god, somebody gets it. >> I remember that being the first book you take with you. >> It is a phenomenon, how many millions and millions came to that book. >> The great mystery is why he stopped. Salinger was a national story. A shooting star. At the height of that success, he disappears,. He became the Howard Hughes of his day. >> Mystery. We all like a mystery. The second world war created J.D. Salinger. >> There was a lot of mystery about what he did in the army. >> Very few people have seen as much death. >> Salinger suffered a nervous breakdown. >> He's got this concrete bunker where he works. >> He has a very fanatical readership. >> If one person used something I had written as the justification for killing somebody, I'd say god, people are crazy. >> I was literally living inside of J.D. Salinger's the Catcher in the Rye. >> But if 3 people use something I had written, as justification, I would be very, very troubled by it. >> He wanted nothing to come between him and his characters - they were real to him. He moved them about the stage like God. >> You cannot dismiss the issues of his private life,. >> People hurt him. People he trusted. >> He said, "You have ruined my life". >> I saw 2 manuscripts. >> What's in that vault? >> Someone cracks that code, man, it' going to be the story of the century. >> Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle,. One would never undertake such a thing, if one were not driven by some demon. And he had demons. [Captions by]

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