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Jesuse Christ - the ultimate Savior Trap

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Jesus as Time Trap Jesus as time trap within- video interviews we have discussed the manifested construct design of trapped time and time trap now trap time exist within the memory construct of and as the mind consciousness system design originating from the DNA as the infinity sign manifested symbol (∞) within which you exist both within and without as this reality this world exist within it's construct a manifested physical construct of trap time as the infinite cycle constantly and continuously going from beginning to end beginning to end as- humanity moves through eras of evolution and then of course within yourself, as the memory manifested cycles going from beginning to end beginning to end recreating exact same experiences of the past, within your future within your present which is the now of consciousness time construct Jesus as time trap is a fascinating, inserted design it is a time trap 'within a time trap' it is- a trapped time enslavement manifestation within a trapped time enslavement manifestation and it works as follows: the essence of the principle of Jesus is the manifestation of waiting when human beings within a personal individual experience of themselves are waiting for Jesus to return one day, some day soon and the exact time, the exact moment unknown but yet beings are trapped within their mind, through belief now the construct within which human beings are trapped within their mind with regards to Jesus as time trap is belief the belief that Jesus is one day some day coming to liberate to save humanity or those who have faith those who believe, those who trust those who worship those who pray to god now the Jesus is time trap is a mind consciousness system programed personality manifestation it is a literal persona which human beings become and manifest themselves as and this persona is manifested and related to the entire religious construct so you have the religious construct which is the foundation which is programed into and as the mind consciousness system and from there the persona personality of- originating from belief steps forth which would be describe as the waiting for the savior as Jesus and now beings wait now they within a manifested physical construct of waiting and waiting is time manifested related, why? why is waiting relating to time manifested? because, waiting is a design of something is possibly probably maybe about to happen it is apparently not in my hands, so I have to sit back and wait for the maybe possibly one day someday play out that's time related future projected manifested- construct and thus Jesus as time trap, traps human beings within the process of waiting wherein everything within themselves and their reality their existence continues but within themselves they're trapped within a space the space within their mind which is called belief and within that belief within themselves they wait and thus do not live and thus do not participate because they are trapped within time within themselves, within the construct of waiting enslaved to the Jesus time trap and all that exist, is this belief all they have become is this belief and thus so they transform such human beings existing in such belief in the manifestation of themselves as waiting for a Jesus or a savior to come transform themselves into this personality design and within the personality design, they- they exist they live- all that they've become is the waiting within a belief of maybe possibly someday somehow a savior will come and it's fascinating because within such being is a literal vacuum within themselves they are vacuum within the unified consciousness field within existence within this reality from a certain perspective as thought they don't existed all that you've become is this time trap design manifestation related to Jesus and the entire religious construct and within such beings accepting and allowing to participate in such belief of waiting for someone or something possibly maybe someday coming to rescue and save what occurs is this entire mind consciousness system accept and allow construct feeds- belief and accepting and allowing to feed belief no one lives no one express no one actually participate so understand if belief exist within you in anyway anyhow whatsoever realize that it's exact same as the Jesus time trap manifested design because you are in a waiting trap in time within a future projection not living not existing not experiencing not participating so in essence you don't existed all you've become is a belief all you've become is a manifested design of time subject to time subject to possibility no certainty no Life thank you More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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