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Paul Hawken - Deep Wound of Our Time

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global oneness project Deep Wound of Our Time As to how we disaggregated the environmental and social justice movements, I mean, that is a whole study unto itself Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author because they are the same thing, and so it's interesting now that people are questioning as to how they are connected or how they are integrated, but how can you destroy a river and not destroy a people? How can you cut down a forest and destroy a watershed and not affect a civilization? How can you poison the food or your fish or put heavy metals into lakes and not destroy children? I mean, they are the same thing. I forget who said it--maybe it was Hillman-- but first a culture dies and then nature dies. And as nature dies, then it further destroys a culture. So once you get into that cycle, there certainly is a difference between a tree and a person, between a building and a river, but the fact is that everything is connected and the segregation of the environment has been, if you will, sort of a white person's vanity of the 20th century-- well-intended--we can understand how that came about, but it really came about from privilege, from people who were very privileged and who had their personal needs met in terms of income and security and food and clothing and then looked at the environment and felt like, "Wow, I don't want to lose this amenity." "I don't want to lose this." And so they directed themselves towards the environment. But now what you're seeing, of course, is people understanding that you can't really address one without addressing the other. As long as you think nature is out there, then you have the basic separation that allows you to see the environment as other and people as distinct from that. And that separation is really what white man brought to civilization, was that separation of self from nature, and that is, again, it's the disease, it's the wound, it's the deep, deep wound that will be healed one way or the other in the decades to come. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance.

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Posted by: global on Sep 24, 2009

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