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Bold - Week 1

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Well, I'm super glad to have all of you with us today for the first week of the brand new series called, Bold. Could I get all of you to boldly say bold! That wasn't bold! All of our churches, our Network Churches, ChurchOnline, could I get all of you to say aloud, everybody say, bold! What I want to do today is I want to tell you about the first time when I made a commitment to become very bold in my faith in Christ. I played different sports and got injured in the eighth grade. And kind of as a joke in the ninth grade as I was recovering I took up tennis. There was a cute girl who happened to play tennis and I thought I'd try! Well, I actually made the team and started liking the sport and believe it or not, after only four years of playing, I was lucky enough to get a full ride to play for a top ranked national NAIA school. I was thrilled, thought I'd do well; but immediately going from high school to college, I realized I was massively outclassed. I was hands down, by far, the worst player on the college team. I happened to be the only American on an all Australian team and I lost so many matches. Later on I said to the coach, Why didn't you cut me? And he said, Well honestly, you had the only car and I needed you to take the players to practice! And that's how I managed to stay on. I had the transportation! So, I really wasn't any good but I worked hard. And in the meantime, I fell into the normal college, sinful temptations. And in the middle of my sin I started to hurt and prayed, God, if you're there, God if this whole Jesus thing is real, I want you to change my life. And sure enough, when you pray like that, you better put on your seat belt, because God did a miraculous work in me and totally transformed me and made me new in every way. And so, I just decided I'm going to make every area of my life available to God. And one of the things, I don't even know if this was theologically correct, I didn't know any better, I just prayed; God, you make me good at tennis, it's obvious I'm not good; you make me good and I'll tell everybody it was you! And so, I just worked harder than I ever had that summer, trained four or five hours a day. I came back the next year, decided that I'm going to make God known through whatever I can do. And so, the first match of the year, I knelt down by the net-post and just prayed a rather long prayer; God, help me to win. You know I need you, I'm not any good! Help me be a great witness. I pray that whatever I do today would make your name well known. And sure enough that day, I didn't cuss, which was good progress from where I came from and not only that but I won! And afterwards I was like, Thank you God! And then, the next match I knelt and prayed again and I won! And my teammates were like, That's so bold mate...and weird! And I just continued to pray. Well, believe it or not, I went all season long and was totally undefeated, hadn't lost a single match. And then I went into the district finals, one match before the finals, and I was playing a guy named Jeremy, a guy from South Africa, who played for a university in Tulsa known as Oral Roberts University, a Christian school. Well, the year before, Jeremy cleaned my clock, he wiped me so bad I went home crying for my mom. I'm playing him in the district finals and I knelt down as always and prayed. Well, when I looked up across the court, this guy from Oral Roberts University was praying as well! I was like, Crap, I had this! You know, and so I just leaned over and I said, Well, we're going to see who has got more faith, me or you? And he hollered back, he said, I'm from ORU, I have more because I'm praying in tongues! I said, Well, God gave me the interpretation of your tongues and God said, 'You're going down!' And sure enough God was right and he went down and I won the title! And I walked over to my teammates and they said, I can't believe undefeated, you prayed every time! That was the boldest thing to pray like that! I want to talk to you about the theme of Bold. And what we are going to do in the next four weeks, is we are going to look at some different stories from the Book of Acts. Now, if you're new to the Bible, Acts is easy to find, it's in your New Testament. There's four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and then there's Acts. A little bit of history on Acts: Acts was written by Luke who was a medical doctor. And Luke essentially captured some of the highlights of the very first New Testament church gathering of people who believed in Jesus. One of the dominate themes from the Book of Acts is unquestionably the theme of boldness. In fact, when you look at the results they are so bold; there's miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle. And I used to ask myself, Why don't we see the Acts-type miracles in our world, or at least our country today, like we did in the Book of Acts? And what I believe is probably the answer is because we don't have the bold faith and bold actions that those people have that led to the bold, spiritual results. So, let me give you a couple of definitions and then we're going to lay a foundation today for our four-week series called, Bold. If you're taking notes, here's my definition; what is boldness? Boldness is behavior born out of belief. Boldness is behavior born out of belief because what you believe determines how you behave. If you believe everybody is going to criticize you, you'll behave tentatively. If you believe you're probably going to fail, you're going to venture out cautiously. If though, you believe the One true Lord God is calling you, empowering you, leading you and equipping you, you will live very boldly. Why? Because boldness is behavior born out of believe. In fact, if you're taking notes, the Greek word that's translated as boldness is the word parrhesia, and this word means more than just speaking; it means outspokenness, it means assurance, it means courage, it means confidence, it means to act without fear. I'm praying with all of my heart that God would take a church of people that may not be known or characterized by boldness, but God would give us courage, God would give us an outspoken spirit, God would give us the desire to act without fearing that God would make us bold. Let me tell you where we're going in this series. Next week, we are going to talk about bold prayers; because honestly, most of the time I pray with people they're praying very timid and almost passive prayers. In fact, I think God would probably say, 'The most common prayer I hear is God, thank you for this day.' 'Yeah, very good, I'm glad you're thankful!' Be with us God, keep us safe, give us traveling mercies, in Jesus name amen. And God's probably saying, 'Okay, give me a tough one! I'm the God of the universe, give me something that will push me!' We are going to look at praying bold and courageous prayers of faith. Then we are going to talk about being bold in our speech, because when you look through Scripture over and over and over again in the Book of Acts, you're going to see words like, 'They spoke the word of God boldly, they preached boldly, they were courageous in their example.' And we are going to see people who were not afraid to speak the name of Jesus and the Word of God; they weren't trying to be politically correct, out of love, they were willing to be bold. And then we are going to look at Bold Obedience, and we are going to see women and men who would rather be persecuted or killed than to disobey the God who saved them through Jesus Christ. And we are going to look at Bold Obedience, and I pray with all of my heart that God will do a spiritual stirring in our church and we will have a boldness born out of a belief in the one true God who sent His Son Jesus so we could live. Everybody say bold! Say it again, bold! Let me show you some amazing boldness to get into our study. We are going to start with a guy named Peter. A lot of you will be able to relate to Peter, I know I can. Peter was a guy that was often characterized with bold intentions followed by timid actions. The stories go on and on. One of the most well known stories of his bold intentions, Peter declared boldly one time before Jesus; 'If all of these other losers turn their back on you, I'll never do it. I'm your guy, I've got your back, I'll never deny you, I'll boldly stand by you.' Before the day ended, three different times Peter denied Christ. Once to a little school girl, bold intentions followed by timid actions. But, something happened in Peter and I pray that same something will happen in us. When Jesus died and three days later rose again, Peter encountered Jesus and you can read about it in John 21, when Jesus essentially said, 'Hey, you're forgiven, it's good, you're still on the team, you're reinstated, go out, let it go, let it go, go be bold, go take care of my sheep, go take care of the people.' And something like a switch flipped inside of Peter and all of a sudden, the guy who used to be timid and bold, he went out and stood before this huge group of people and he preached one of the boldest messages in history. He said, 'You are a corrupt generation!' Not politically correct. He said, 'You need to turn from your sins, repent in the name of Jesus Christ and be baptized.' And three thousand people were saved on that day! And the New Testament Christian Church just explodes and Peter is bold and on fire and they're believing God for big things. He and John were walking along one time and they see a guy who had been lame for more than forty years. Now, for those of you who are under the age of forty, that doesn't mean he was boring, dull and dead! No! That's a lame guy, that's a lame movie! What it means is he couldn't walk, okay? This guy, for forty years; imagine, in our context, someone's been in a wheel chair for forty years and they walk up to this guy and say, In the name of Jesus, get up and walk. And he does! And all of a sudden that action stirs all of this controversy because everybody around knew this guy couldn't walk. And so, some of the temple guards under the command of the Sanhedrin, the religious group ruling of the day, sent some people out to arrest Peter and John. And they brought them and put them on trial in front of the Sanhedrin, and here's what the Sanhedrin would do; they would actually, all of the Sanhedrin in their robes would line up in this big circle and then put the people on trial in the middle to intimidate them. They would hurl questions from all directions and then they would decide on their fate, 'We're just going to beat you,' 'We're going to imprison you,' or 'We're going to kill you.' So, Peter and John were in the middle and one person asked, By what name and by what authority do you do these things? And here's the bold response, Acts 4:8: Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit,... In other words, this isn't his power, but what the power of God: ...said to them, Rulers and elders of our people, are we being questioned today because we've done a good deed for a crippled man? Do you want to know how he was healed?... Now watch this boldness: ...Let me clearly state to all of you and to all the people of Israel that he was healed by the... What? He's not going to hold back, help me everybody, he was healed by the: ...powerful name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene,... Then he's going to take the knife, stick it in and twist it just for effect: ...the man you crucified but whom God raised from the dead. Now, I cannot possibly overstate how bold that was. The Sanhedrin's hated Jesus, they were glad he was gone, they never wanted to hear from them again. And the foundation of their beliefs were that resurrection was impossible, they didn't believe in the resurrection from the dead. And so Peter points right at the people who had the power to kill him and says, 'You killed Jesus, He's back, He's raised from the dead.' Essentially, he made a statement that was a declaration of war and they're like, 'Wow!' Now, what's really interesting to me is that two thousand years ago, what name was so controversial? The name of Jesus, right? Two thousand years later, what name brings so much controversy? The name of Jesus. Think about it; I mean, in our world today, you can be spiritually bold about all sorts of things and it's fine. Everybody likes a little God talk, a little spirituality talk, it's just when you bring Jesus into it that everybody gets all freaked out! Let's be honest, you can go on Oprah and you can talk about a higher power all day long, Oh yeah, that's good, that's interesting. Oh, and God did this, and the spirit did this, and I'm a spiritual person, I've got spirituality. Oh yeah, huggie, huggie, cry, cry! But as soon as you say, Jesus, everything changes, doesn't it? I was asked to pray at a professional sporting event. They said, You can pray whatever you want. Anything I want? Yes, anything you want. Anything? I can pray whatever I want? You can pray anything you want as long as, one rule, you cannot pray in the name of Jesus. I'm like, What name do I pray in? I don't know, you can pray whatever name you want to! You can pray in his name, God's name, the Lord's name, the big guy's name, his name, your name, their name; you can't pray in the name of Jesus! Why? Because there's something about that name. There's something about that name. And so, Peter points right at them and says, 'Jesus, you killed Him, He's back!' And the religious leaders couldn't believe what they were seeing. Verse 13 shows us their response, verse 13: The members of the council... What were they? Would you all say it aloud: ...they were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scripture. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus. For the rest of our time together, I want to let this one verse speak to us. We are going to break it down into three bold facts that I pray will drive these truths deep within your heart. Fact number one: God gives ordinary people extraordinary boldness. God gives ordinary people extraordinary boldness. Let's look at it again: ... [The leaders] could see that [Peter and John] were ordinary men with no special training in Scripture. Now, the Greek word that's translated as ordinary is the word idiotas. This word can mean unlearned, it can mean unschooled, it can mean ordinary; but the most literal translation for the word idiotas, if you know what it is or you are going to guess, go ahead and say it, it's the word idiot! Yeah, I like that! The Bible translators, they're just too polite. The most literal translation is, these guys were amazed and couldn't believe the boldness of these idiots. Here's the deal; God, if you're like the best of the best, the brightest of brightest, God can still use you, He can, I promise you! It's just that He specializes in using idiots! He does, He loves using ordinary people. And by the way, those of you from around the world, if you ever visit my part of the world you're going to hear this common saying, people are going to say, Bless your heart. It sounds sweet and Southern, it's not! Whenever someone says, Bless your heart, what they're saying is, You're not nothing but an idiot! You just need to know that, it means you're an idiot. You just watch, some girl comes in and her clothes don't match and they just go, Well bless her heart, look at that! That's what it means, you need to know that, I'm trying to help you! Has anyone noticed I'm wearing something silly on my arm? Okay, I had an injury for a long time, the doctor said, Don't go to the gym, don't play tennis. So, of course being a guy, what do you think I did? I went to the gym and played tennis! And so, it was still hurting and you know, I got a steroid shot and another shot. Lay low, lay low! I tried, I tried! And so, Monday night I thought, The heck with this, I'm playing tennis! So Rodney, my single buddy, who is available and at this campus can help you out if you...we went out to play and I took a forehand and cracked it and when I did I heard this pop, and I screamed! No cuss words! Rodney is my witness, the man of God did not speak a cuss word! I dropped the racket, I was like, Ohh! He's like, You're out! I'm like, No, let me see if I can play! I dropped it again and so I went into the doctor and I actually popped the tendon off the bone, just ripped it off. So, I'm on a lot of medication today, so anything that I say that's... I went into the doctor and a lady was in there and she said, Now sweetheart, didn't the doctor tell you not to play? I said, Yes! And did you play? I said, Yes! And you ripped the tendon off of your arm? I said, Yes! And she said, Well bless your heart! Ain't nothing but an idiot! So here's the deal, remember God loves to take ordinary people and give them extraordinary boldness. He loves to take people that others overlook and give them boldness, because a lot of you are going to say, Okay, well I'm a Christian but I'm just not naturally bold. I'm kind of a quiet person, I'm not a seminary guy, I'm not a teacher of the Bible. You know, I'm just a stay at home mom, or I'm just a student, or I'm just a dude man! No, there are so many different ways to be bold, so many different ways. You may be in your work place and everybody is gossiping, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! And you just say, You know what? Because of my faith, I'm not going to be a part of this! And you walk off! And guess what you just were? You were bold! That was bold! You may be a girl and you love God and all of your friends, let's be honest, they dress like hookers. They're going out on the town and they look like...I don't mean to be rude, but let's just be honest about the styles. You know, half naked, you know, pump it, jump it! Here's the deal, I'm going to be modest to honor God! And they're like, But the styles, and we're hookers! No, I'm not going to dress that way! Guess what you just were? Guess what you are? You are bold! You may be a guy and all of your buddies are chasing women and trying to snatch...I'm a man! You know what, I'm not going to treat them like they're objects, I'm actually going to treat women like they are created in the image of God. And I'm going to honor my future wife that I have not yet met and honor my present God who calls me to different standards. And I'm not going to do that! Guess what you just were? Bold! You may be in a business deal and you could make a lot of money on it, but you're looking at it going, You know what? I don't feel right about this, I don't think it's quite ethical. And you walk away from a very profitable business deal because of your faith. What were you? You were bold! God can take ordinary people and give them extraordinary boldness. In fact, I did something really bold this week. You want to know what I did? I watched a cooking show all of the way through! I did! My first one ever! And it was really cool! This show called, Chopped. Maybe you've seen it, and if your food is not good enough they chop you off, which I thought was awesome! It's a great way to include me in a cooking show! Chop! And there was a guy, the reason I watched it, is because there was a guy named Lance from our LifeChurch, Albany, New York campus, and he was competing on the show. And so, I wanted to watch this guy. I can't tell you how many times he was a witness in this show. There was a girl who was hurting, there's the girl, and he said in the show, I want to pray for you. He prayed for her and she got chopped. And he had told his story about how before he was mean and God had changed his life. But at the end of the show when he won his ten thousand dollars that he really needed, he stopped suddenly and said, I believe God wants me to do something different with this. And he confessed before a national audience that he wanted to give her the money. And to the shock of everyone there, the judges, her, all of the sudden he did one of the boldest things ever and gave away his prize money all because he felt like that's what God wanted him to do. And at the end of the show they show this guy actually with his hands lifted up toward heaven and the whole place is completely in tears, because guess what? An ordinary guy took a moment to obey God and represent Him on national TV! An ordinary guy made God look great! And I want you to understand that God gives ordinary people extraordinary boldness. Thought number two if you're taking notes: Your Boldness will amaze the world. When you become spiritually bold for the glory of God, your boldness will amaze the world! Verse 13 says: The members of the council... What were they? Say it again, help me everybody. What were they? ...they were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John. Why were they amazed? Because they knew they could kill these guys and these guys didn't care! They were like wow, crazy, amazed! It's almost like, you know, I'm not sure I believe them, but I know they believe what they want, I know what they're saying, I'm not sure I agree, but wow they believe it! They were amazed, they were amazed! I told you about the year that I managed to go undefeated. Well, at the end of the year, they had this awards ceremony for all of the sports, the big sporting awards ceremony. I had just met Amy and we were invited to go. I knew I'd be getting an award because my parents were invited, and so I thought, I'm getting something! I had no idea that they actually were going to give me the biggest award there, they gave me the Athlete of the Year award. At the end they called me up and I walked up for it. I'm like, Wow! And they said, Craig, is there anything you'd like to say? And I remembered, God, if you could make me better I'll tell everybody about you! And so I said, Are you sure? And they said, Yeah, you can say something. And I grabbed the microphone and I preached my first sermon! It had like seventy-three points and it was good! And it went on, and the more I talked the more everybody's eyes got...they were looking around. It was so good they should have taken up an offering! I mean, I'm telling you it was church good! I went on and on and I started to cry about who I was as a sinful person and what God had done. And I thought, I'll never have a friend again. But I was shocked at the end when I got through, they gave me a standing ovation and I walked by a guy who put out his hand, he was in a different sport and I didn't know him real well, but we had been at parties together and he stuck out his hand and he said, That's the boldest thing that I've ever seen in my entire life. He was amazed. Here's a question I want to ask you, When was the last time someone was amazed by your boldness? When was the last time someone was amazed by your boldness? In fact, I've got a little chart for you that I'd love for you to look at. I'll ask it to you this way, how amazed are people by your spiritual boldness? There's one through ten, ten is the highest. One, is they haven't been amazed in years. I want you to take a moment to ask yourselves, what would you be? How amazed, on a scale of one to ten? In fact, what's exciting to me, is there's some people at our church, they're a nine and a ten. Jerome, I'm looking at him right now; the dude, as long as I've known him, the dude has been a nine or a ten. And I'm not talking about wacky, weird, cheesy Christian drive by witness, Jesus loves you! Bold, weirdos, I'm not talking about that! I'm not talking about that! What I'm talking about is bold with integrity; the boldness where you're serving people faithfully in Jesus name, where you're encouraging them, where you're living with integrity, where they look at you and they say, There's something different about this person. Where you're so generous with your money and your heart and your time, where you've served your way into peoples lives, and therefor you've earned the right to say, I love you enough, can I tell you about my God? I'm telling you, I don't know how many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people Jerome has led to Christ, he's a nine or a ten. Some of you may say, But I'm not! What do I do if I'm not? Well, that leads to point number three. If you say, I'm lower than that! Point number three is very important. What we need to know is spiritual boldness comes from knowing Christ. Spiritual boldness comes from knowing Christ. The verse, it's not in your notes but it's on the screen, it's the end of verse thirteen, that says: They also recognize these guys as men who had been with Jesus. How in the world could Peter stand in the face of possible death and declare what he did? He knew Jesus, he could be bold because he had been with Jesus. Here's the key, you have to remember this: Boldness is not the goal, knowing Jesus is the goal. Boldness is always a byproduct of knowing Jesus. When Jerome lives daily in God's Word, when he's praying everyday, God direct me, give me people to minister to, give me opportunities to show your love. When you live like that, you're directed by the Spirit, you're going to see opportunity after opportunity after opportunity bold. Why? Because you've had time with Jesus. In fact, on your chart, on your notes, there's a little circle there. I want you to do this, by number one, put in time. Time with Jesus, when you spend time with Jesus it leads to number two, which is faith. As your faith in Jesus grows, it leads to boldness. Write down boldness. As your boldness grows, it leads to results. When you see spiritual results, guess what? You spend more time with Jesus, and when you spend more time with Jesus, guess what? You get more faith and you start praying bigger prayers and you see God work, which leads to boldness, which then leads to the Acts type of results, which leads to more time with Jesus. And it goes on and on and on and on. The problem is, the opposite is true as well. When you don't spend time with Jesus you don't have much faith, you're not bold. You don't see results and you don't want to spend much time with Jesus and then, guess what? You end up living for the lower things of this world, wondering why you're empty the whole time. Boldness. If you're a two or a three, or a one, or a five, guess what? I've got great news for you; you're upside is huge, it's huge. There is so much more God wants to use you to do and to make a difference in this world. Be encouraged, I'm telling you, you're here for a purpose, God wants to stir you up. Remember the guy I told you about at the awards ceremony? He wasn't a Christian, shook my hand and said that it was the boldest thing he'd ever seen. I hadn't seen that guy for years until recently I bumped into this guy. I'm like, Hey, you're the guy from back in school! He said, Yeah, it's great to see you! I look down and he was wearing a weird bracelet from our series, Weird! And I went, Are you weird? And he goes, Because normal isn't working! I went, No way! What's up with that? He said, Man Groeschel, I remember back in school when you gave that bold speech. He said, I wanted to believe you were different because I knew how you were, but honestly I thought it's going to wear off, it's got to wear off. We all thought it would wear off. He said, Years and years went by and somebody invited me to LifeChurch. He said, The moment I walked in, I heard you saying the same thing in the same way and I realized it hadn't worn off. Jesus had truly changed you and because he changed you, I wanted Him to change me. And I'm telling you, you can make a difference like that, if you'll spend time with Jesus; He'll grow your faith, He'll give you boldness and you'll see great results. What I want to say is, I refuse to be a halfhearted, lukewarm church. Let's just be the real deal, let's just fall so in love with Him that we are overflowing with a spiritual boldness of love and compassion to help people who don't know the joy of life in Christ. If you're on the lower end of the scale, I've just got great news for you, God's got a ton of upside and I'm going to pray that He's going to stir up a spirit of boldness with everyone here. Everybody praying, God I ask that you would do a work in us that only you can do. All of our churches, those of you who would say, When I evaluate myself on that scale I'm a one or two, or I'm lower than a nine, I'm somewhere lower and I want to be higher. I really want to know you so much that boldness is a byproduct of my relationship with you. If that's you, would you lift up your hands right now. Just be really honest all of our churches, just lift up our hands right now, just lift them up all over the place. God, I thank you today for those who really do want to make even a bigger difference. And I pray God rather than trying to be bold, we would just simply press into you and God, that we would know your heart and that your Spirit would lead us and that your Word would feed us. God I pray that throughout this series, that we would just have a God awareness like never before and we would see divine opportunities to share your love, to be bold; not for bold sake, but because we have to because we know how good you are. And God I thank you that we will be different just like Peter was changed, God we will be different in your presence as you help us to be bold. Keep praying today, nobody looking around for a moment. The boldest story in all of history, there is no one bolder, is the boldness of the love of God who would send His Son, His only Son, Jesus, who would become an innocent sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus, who died on the cross and rose again from the dead, so that we could be saved. You want to know a bold Scripture? Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Guess who that includes? That includes me, a sinful guy in college who can't get it right, who calls on the name of Jesus and is transformed. That includes you, an adulterous, a luster, someone who has got greed, someone who has failed at marriage, someone who just can't seem to get it right, someone who is filled with unforgiveness, that includes you. A teenager, you lost your virginity, you're struggling with sexual issues. That means you, you've got anger toward your Dad. The Bible says that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. At all of our churches today, there are many of you that God brought you here for this moment and guess what you're going to do? You're going to call on Jesus and He will hear you and He will forgive you and He will make you new. But here's something you need to know, Jesus said it this way, He said: If you don't confess me before men, I won't confess you before my Father. In other words, if you won't go public, I'm not going to go public either. If you do confess me before men, I will confess you before my Father. So, there are those of you today, that it's time for you to give your life to Christ. I want everybody to look up right now. All of our churches look up. Those of you who would say, I want to know Christ, I want to give my life to Him, I want forgiveness in front of God and everybody here. I don't care what anybody thinks because I need Jesus. Jesus, take my life, I boldly give it to you. Would you lift up your hands high right now? Lift them up high right now. Praise God for you and for you and for all of you! Praise God for you guys! Ma'am right here; leave them up, leave them up! Bold baby, bold! Right here, God bless you sir. Right here and here, others of you right back over here, we praise God for you. All of you guys together, I love you and God loves you! Right back over here, all of you here together, praise God for you sweetheart! You here and here, right back over here. Others of you, praise God back over there and over there. Oh, praise God for you. Others of you, just say, Bold, yes! Right over here as well. Church, you better be a little louder than that! This is New Testament type miracle, the work of God, the presence of God; His goodness, His goodness! Others of you today, it's not too late! Jesus, just raise your hand right now, Forgive me of my sins, I want to know you! Praise God! All of you, praying together, just pray aloud. Pray Heavenly Father, save me from my sins, make me new. I believe you died for me so I can live for you. Fill me with your Spirit so I can serve you boldly for the rest of my life. My life is not my own, it belongs to you. Use it for your glory! In Jesus name we pray. Everybody shout and thank God and worship and welcome those today born into God's family.

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Bold - Week 1 - - Craig Groeschel

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