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The design of - Respect

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Respect - The Design of Respect Good day, this is the design of respect, communicating about respect now, respect is an interesting manifestation, of the mind consciousness system within human beings as those who have frequently watched these interviews there are many designs that consist of and as the mind consciousness system within human beings and I am here to communicate about how the design of respect supports and assists humanity and human beings individually in remaining within and as their mind consciousness system illusions beliefs ideas and perceptions of who they are Now, for instance let's take two human beings who have different religious backgrounds and these two human beings become friends and they now have a friendship, and the one human being is a full blown full force christian and the other human being is a full blown full force buddhist and, the christian says to the buddhist: 'I respect your beliefs' buddhist says to the christian: 'I respect your beliefs, let's not communicate about our beliefs we respect each other's beliefs, we leave it at that let's continue with our friendship'. That example for instance is saying: 'Mind Consciousness System: I accept and allow your beliefs of yourself within this mind consciousness existence' - and that statement is what they're actually saying to each other If any human being 'respects' another human being understand that you are actually respecting their illusion/idea/ perception or belief of themselves as a mind consciousness system there is one statement that I am able to express we would not be sitting right here right now communicating with you or any interdimensional being for that matter if respect was regarded for anything of this existence, that is of consciousness that is of consciousness systems For those who, will be and are already and coming through to this process understand one thing: that we Do Not Respect the Mind we do not respect systems in respecting systems, you actually give your power away to them you allow them and accept them their space and frame of mind and then actually when you are doing that, you're actually saying: 'I'll respect your space and your frame of mind belief/perception/ idea of the illusion of yourself because if I do that for you, then I am allowing and accepting it within myself' and then it's all great because now we are supporting and assisting each other in remaining in this mind consciousness system illusion belief and perception of ourselves respect is what relationships in this world are based on what the relationships of two mind coming together in a synchronizing dance with each other and supporting and assisting each other in remaining in this systematic relationship of themselves that's why relationships physically manifest in this world because the being is saying: 'I'm a mind system (hum) so, I need to accept and allow another's mind system to validate and justify my expression and becoming of myself as a mind system so let me go and look for a relationship' so in a relationship beings are actually saying: 'I'm supporting you and allowing you to remain in your mind consciousness system thus I respect you so that I can respect myself as a mind consciousness system'. respect is only able to exist in- and of the mind because respect is needed for a mind system to be able to justify it's own existence and it needs that support within a relationship of respect because it cannot exist alone it needs something and someone separate from itself to say: 'Come come come! come come! support me support me I am a mind system respect me! be in a relationship with me and then we can respect each other' The same with- the example I used in the beginning two human beings different religious backgrounds in a relationship of friendship "respecting each other" that is not support human beings and that is not assistance in anyway whatsoever because that entire 'friendship relationship' is based on a lie a complete lie how is any relationship or any friendship or anything for that matter actually able to exist in this world if even the basis and the foundation of the starting point of that very relationship is based on deception you know the beings might say: ' I respect it, but I'm not agreeing with it in anyway whatsoever' I mean how is that acceptable and allowed in this world? it's bizarre! but yet it's "okay" that is so dangerous human beings, to - have a look at how many things you have just accepted and allowed because it's 'ok', it's 'bearable', it's' liveable' 'I am able to live with this' careful of those words: 'I am able to live with this, it's okay' no it's not, it is unacceptable and that'snot allowed. Therefore within our statement here, which is do not respect systems in any way whatsoever disregard them and I guarantee each one who stand up within and as their own process will get to that point where you will actually stand before someone and just tell them to go to leave- I am not accepting and allowing you in my world in any way whatsoever. So be careful also not to allow beings to try and manipulate you with the word 'Respect' they do not deserve respect, systems do not deserve respect have a look at this world, is this worthy of respect? no it is not thank you very much, this is the design of respect Please join us for Discussion: Visit DesteniProductions Channel on Youtube Visit the forum at: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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