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Different levels of Oneness and Enlightenment. Sadhguru

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first of all what is what is it that you're calling as enlightenment? see a moment of oneness that people may experience cannot be considered enlightenment if that is the thing we have hundreds and thousands of people who have gone through Bhava Spandana who have known moments of oneness seeing that moment of oneness if we have to use an analogy how it is is you are living in an enclosed area now you went on a trampoline and just jumped up and jumped up and jumped up one leap really took you very high and you looked beyond the wall and you saw something incredible but you fell back on the trampoline you have to work on the trampoline, work on the trampoline, work on the trampoline once in a way again this glimpse changes your perception once you've seen that the way you look at life changes because you have seen that for one moment the way you respond and conduct yourself in the world will change but this cannot be considered enlightenment now you have to build a ladder and cross the wall. just jumping and looking jumping and looking is not enough so if you cross the ladder if you cross the wall, if you climb the ladder and cross the wall then you can't retain the physical body if you are..if you raise beyond a certain pitch if your energies raise beyond a certain pitch then this physical body cannot hold it anymore so for ninety nine percent of the enlightened beings enlightenment and the moment of leaving the body are same so they don't stay usually those who wish to stay, one thing is people who have understood or who have mastery over the physical system only they can hold on to the system generally it is only people who are on the path of kriya yoga who can hold onto the body because they understand the mechanics of the body. they know all the tricks of the body so they hold on to the body other people who work to this level of intensity either through awareness or through devotion or through any other means if they attain to that either through action, devotion or awareness if they attain to that they cannot hold onto the body, they have to leave the body so most enlightened beings, ninety nine percent, will leave the body at the moment of enlightenment you will never see them again otherwise you will have to play many tricks to hold on to the body. you have heard of Ramakrishna paramahamsa? you have heard of Ramakrishna? okay, you've heard of vivekananda? vivekananda was the first yogi who came to united states in eighteen ninety three and caused waves in this country at that time, he came to Chicago and spoke in the parliament of religions. he was the first yogi who really created some amount of awareness in this part of the world his guru was ramakrishna paramahamsa ramakrishna is very crystalized consciousness but for him to retain the body was always a struggle people, in his own lifetime people saw him godlike people really saw him as god. they worshipped him he was a very simple uneducated man but he lived in such a way that people really worshipped him but he was mad about food he will be talking to his disciples spiritual discourse he say, just wait one minute he will go and ask his wife what's cooking today? his wife sharadha used to feel ashamed. whats the problem? even I'm not thinking about food. why you? you are god for us why are you like this he said its ok, what's cooking? one day she felt so terribly ashamed of him she told him, I'm ashamed of you why are you just stuck to food like this? so ramakrishna said one day when you bring the thali, thali means that part of the country you know we in india, we eat in such large plates very large metal plates and food is pre-served pre-served and brought so it is called a thali so he said when you bring the thali if I don't show any interest, if I look away you must understand I have only three days left almost six or seven years after this incident ramakrishna always ate on a swing this is also part of the Indian thing, you know in our homes we have large swings like something like three by eight kind of swing. it's usually be in the afternoons people sleep on it they take a nap on it and the whole family sits on the swing it's almost all our homes usually have these swings. even today I have these swings at home very large swing where five, six people can sit on the swing and gently go about that's part of the family excitement you can't swing it hard because its inside the building just gently you can sway so he always used to sit on the swing and have his lunch so on that particular day, sharadha brought his lunch and he showed no interest. he looked away from the food suddenly he was not interested in the food then she broke down and cried she knew, only three days he said, no point crying now its up. the time is up so for him food is not the big deal for him, but he consciously created this desire continuously to hold on to his body this was his way of somehow without a desire, you can't stay if he closes his eyes he'll be gone so he constantly created a conscious desire for food all the time, making himself crazy about food consciously as a device

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru discusses various levels of oneness and reaching enlightenment. He explains that 99% of enlightened beings leave their physical body. (SaO67)

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