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Lenny Kravitz

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This is about friend who was paralyzed from the waist down. And I was not in the same country where this person lives, very close friend of mine, like a brother and wanted to do something to transmitat least a good energy, because that was all he could do. You can pray, and try to give it to someone positive vibrations. So I wrote him a song, and so, is what could give at that time, And today, thank God, this person you can walk you can walk on his legs, and that is what the whole song. The video is very funny, a total comedy. I think people will not realize, but really I play three characters in the video. The entire video is based on a game show as one who was called "Let's Make A Deal" or something a program that my grandfather saw, when I was little. This topic talks about people who lose things and how it faces but in a completely comical. And the truth esque was fun to play different characters If it's important that my songs are positive ...? It is something I need or have to be so, but are simply is what I have passed and I feel good conveying that message. I felt good to be positive and obtimista, is natural in my oh, absolutely. I feel it is as if enmejeciendo do not feel like I've done anything yet If you stop growing you're dead I think. I have much to learn, much to do in the spiritual, come up with something more profound. But that's the beauty of life, to move forward. My plans for the rest of the year are tour tour and tour. I have a lot to do with the tour, i have really wanted because I have a lot of new music to play. I´m making a film called “Hunger Games” I´m doing hard n my design company Kravitz Design,.. ...we are doing big tower large tower in Miami doing all the interior for fortyseven. The presidential suite for the Ritz Hotel in Miami wich is doing by Philippe Starck and I have ordered to o the presidential suite and lot of furnit And also i´m doing photography, something i´m very involved , trying to... ...prepare an exhibition to be presented in 2012 in Paris, Los Angeles and New York. No that´s been father is the most pleasurable , I can´t call job. It´s the most pleasurable experience. I have a great daughter, she is incredible, I can´t describe, ... ...she is my best friend , we are extremely close, we talked several times a day, we are always together. And I learn a lot from her , she is a path in both directions, you know. The fact that my daughter to work in the entertainment industry doesn´t change my view of the industry The industry is what I can´t control that what I control is what I produce and she controls what she does to make their own decisions. Your know, she was brought up with all this, so it has had on hand since she was a child. She has had training and handles extremely well. I am very proud of how it moves, she is a rebel, does what he wants , but like all of us she , is very classy. The best advice i´ve received is that it is myself which is what myfamily taught me. Simply be yourself. Be true to yourself.

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Posted by: marta.11 on Nov 14, 2011


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