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Типичная мама за компьютером — Дизель Шоу — выпуск 6, 25.12

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Abt parents and PCs Oh son is calling Hey Hey mom! How r u doing my dear? Good, I need ur help Sure, dear! Anything for u! I need u to send me one file on my email Maybe... I better send u the PC itself through the mail? No mom, I'm in Europe on a conference And the file needed is in the home PC Where?? In the P..... I hope it all resolves itself (hard to translate, she's almost cursing him) Hey... Mom, don't end the call. I'll help Helping...huh? Meaning I'll need the valerian (??) First, u need to turn it on Hm yea to turn on... yes all my medicines r here... Thank god........ Don't worry! There's nothing hard I would have done it myself but I don't have the remote access... N my IP won't connect through proxy server Son, whom were u talking to just now? With u, y? U began to smoke that sh*t again?? No...Mom...Lets open the PC God...Easy to am I supposed to do it? U need to pull the cover Pull the cover....Sonnnnn When u r pulling it, does it....creak..? No! It mustn't be so, mom!! Try from the other side! from the other...? Ok done! Good, now turn it on, there's a special button U do realise there are millions of buttons, right? Mom, that one is without any symbols Hmm, without, yes? Pressed it? It doesn't turn on It's a 'space' button... Urs is in the right upper corner Turning it on.... It's on! Good job! Now look, there is a folder on the desktop, u see? Wait...Yes Opened? — Yes There's a file inside... —File... But u know, it's empty... — How?! My Dec report is there... It's empty, I took the folder from the table n it's just empty Phew...ON the table...Mom, look AT the PC screen See yellow signs? These r folders Which ones do u see? I see one called 'xxx' n one called 'work' U need the 'work' Me?? I need work?? I am retired, let me live normally Mom...folder - work, open it How? Do u see a mouse on the table? U definitely smoke... Mom, a thing with a wire, called a mouse N an arrow on the screen, Move the mouse n the arrow will move, try! Nothing is moving... Besides me... Probably PC doesn't see it U **** for $130!! U dont see this mouse?! Ok mom, take it in ur right hand n pull to the right corner I pulled to the maximum oh yes? the arrow moved? No Mom, is the mouse's 'tail' inside the PC? No U must plug it into USB port I dont know what a USB is, I end the call Sorry, I wont complicate it Look, there is a rectangle under the buttons I see Move ur finger on its surface Oh! Arrow! It appeared! It appeared! Good job mom! Lets do the rest tomorrow... It gets easier now U see 'My computer'? U probably think i'm stupid, I'm sitting in front of it No, in my computer there is 'My computer' Yep... U smoke dude Mom, see a PC sign? put an arrow on it n click twice Done? — Doesnt work Nobody can do it from the 1st time Click many times Oh smth opened — Opened?? Read!! Format... NOOO Do not press anything! I am not! — Dont even touch! — I wont! Just breathe! r u calm now? Press on the CROSS (look at what she does) God save me! Mom, u pressed on the cross?? Yes...I pressed ON it... I blessed (??) it Maybe I should pray?? Hey daughter! — Enough, enough, mom is here! Mom arrived — Granny?? Give her the phone! — Enough i'm busy now No, no, give the granny! Your grandson... Hey! — Hey, granny! u arrived? — Of course i did! Didnt u subscribe me on Instagram? I even turned on the geolocation No, havent seen it U know, dont text me in 'Odnoklassniki' (Classmates - social network) I deleted my account — Y?? Classmates 'finished' (all dead already) What did u want? — Need to transfer files How is it better? Through Skype or email? However u like Email is better! Ok n send some JPEG files with the presentation in an archive Maybe i should just open u the remote access n u do whatever u want Super - 1 min OPENED —Thank u Ok bye grandson Mom, how do u understand all this?? My daughter! I understood all the subsidy schemes!! (Subsidy schemes r so complex here) N this!! Is totally easy!!!

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Типичная мама за компьютером — Дизель Шоу — выпуск 6, 25.12

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