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Phóng sự TẾT

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It's me again. And today we gonna walk around the Hoan Kiem lake And we will ask people about the tet holiday coming up. Uhm.What your name Jimmy And what do you want to ask ? About the Tet holiday ok what do you know about Tet ? Yes I know it's the most important holiday of the year Yeahh This year is the Pig YESS Special food, special firework And the blossom on the tree What are the Are they.Uhm nguyenphuong: Cherry blossom CHERRY BLOSSOM ?? nguyenphuong: It's a peach blossom Yeah ok Do you know what is this ? Yes, it's the "bam" or somthing I ate it once YOU ATE IT ONCE ? What is it call ? It's "Banh Chung" Banh Chung Well, what do you feel about it ? Don't like it YOU DON'T LIKE IT WHY???? I like the MacDonald chesse burger OH, OKK Do you know what it's this ? I know it's like gift to give during Tet Uhmm But I don't know why ? No, I don't know why they give this pink flower Oh, It's actually peach blossom Uh. It's symbolize for the luck Great Ok This one Ohh It's that have money ? Yes, It is It's have money And you give it to the God ?? Uh. No They actually given from adult to children Ohh It's call lucky money LUCKY MONEY YEAHH How much are in there ? It's uh. 100.000dong It's pretty good yeah Yeah. In Tet, we only care about this ahhhh So, thank you for answering Thank you Thank you, thank you, very nice to meet you We will have a good day Thank you Thank you Nice talking to you I hope to see you in United States some time Our journey has come to the end Thank you for watching our video BYEEE Xin chào, lại là tôi đây Và hôm nay, chúng ta sẽ đi bộ vòng quanh vòng quanh…. aghhhhhhh

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