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Denis Lévesque and/et Eric Hamel le 2011.10.11

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If you watch the J.E. show last Friday, You saw two people who say they can heal people who are sick. You will see a number of pictures during the evening. This is taken from this report that was presented at J.E. We will receive one of those two who calls himself a liberator, not a healer. When I was young, we were calling them healers. Now it seems it has changed for liberators. How does it work? What are the ramifications? And why some people are able to do that and not others? We'll talk to Eric Hamel who is with us in the studio. Good evening Eric! Good evening! You brought your little machine to record me! This is the first time I see that here! You want to be sure I do not tamper with what we will do together. What happened with J.E., I do not take any chance. What happened to you with J.E. is correct, they shot, we have seen what we need to see? We have seen how it proceeds? That's what it looks like, but in fact, it has been tampered with in many ways. Tampered with? Yes! So what it has been tampered with? Because we can present some images... It shows a man, and obviously it's you... Who speaks with a woman who is our reporter with a hidden camera. But you confide in her, you say a lot of things, your ability to heal people. In fact, what you need to understand is that # 1, I do not give private appointments. So how is it that J.E. have managed to come and shoot at my home? I do not believe they have smashed any doors at all? We see you open the door there! You think it was organized by the tv show? No, it's the woman who came to me, begging me to take her in a private appointment. She was crying. She told me she had cancer and she was looking for alternative methods. It was her who asked me for advice on alternative methods. We see on your website, there are plenty of testimonials. You do this all over Quebec, and even the United States where you give lectures. So do not tell me that no one talks to you about their cancer. In fact, what you need to understand is that it's not lectures that I give, but the workshops. There is a big difference between the two. When you go to a lecture, and listen to the speaker, you can choose to believe or not what he says. But when you go to a workshop, we do exercises together, and people have direct experience. That is to say, they no longer need to believe or not, because people have experienced it, they know it's true. So, I cannot say things that are not true. Believing or not, everything is in the belief? No, that's it, you do not need to believe, because by doing the exercises, you will see that it works. And what you said earlier, about not everyone being able to heal, it does not work like that at all. In the past, it was believed there were only some people who were healers. They are those who could take away toothaches, headaches, they could stop bleeding and stop burning. Finally, today with the understanding I have, it is something I have been learning for seven years, it is not something of yesterday, It is that we have all these capabilities. It is about understanding how it works. But if I understand your case, you, you are able to get in touch with guides, angels, right? In fact, we have all these capabilities too, to do telepathy. Me, I do not often see angels and archangels in my life. I do not see them too [laughs]. Then they talk to you? How does it work? Explain to me how it works. In fact, it has surely happened to you to have an idea, something you did not think at all. And then, suddenly, there is an idea that comes up, and you say, "Oh! It's a good idea!" If it was your idea, would you have been surprised? Normally, I have some good ideas. Maybe you do not have enough? If you take the time to think about something, you are not surprised by what you think. But if you are surprised about what you think, it is because it does not come from you. So to be able to develop telepathy, you must pay more attention to your thoughts. When you have an idea, you think it's the angel who speaks to you? No, that's not how it works. When we take the time to think about something, it takes time. For example, if you say "What will I do tonight?" "I could make dinner," "I can invite such friends," "I could make pizza" You see, it takes time to think and put all our ideas together, bring all the elements together. When one receives a telepathic message, it is someone else who has thought of it first. So when you receive an idea, it is already complete, and there are plenty of details. How do you know that it comes from somewhere else? You need to take the time to learn to listen to yourself. Where did you learn that? Who are you? I have been learning this for the past 7 years. In fact, I was in computer science. I did not expect at all to discover this world, I knew nothing about it. It's funny to think about going to see someone who's into computers to be healed? They did not know me at the time. And I did not know myself either. How it started? You had a message? How did you find what you call a gift? When I was little, I was often told that I had gifts by women that I did not even know in public places, when I was with my mother, for example. I did not understand at all what they meant. They told me I had a gift of healing and that one day I would do great things. But I did not understand what they meant, I did not know how I would discover this, and I did not know when either. So I have put that aside, that part of me that they were talking about. Only at the age of 32 years, I was not expecting that at all, I started to go through a series of changes that has occurred slowly, little by little. And where it is like if my soul woke me up and told me that it was time for me to do my job. Christ at age 33, and you at 32. It's still strange, but yes there are similarities. The angels told you, you were able to heal, you'll meet people, and you will play in energy? Actually no, it did not happen like that. It's a bit my mother’s fault. My mother who broke her ankle in three places. She had two metal blades and nine bolts to hold the whole ankle. And then, six weeks after surgery. It was hurting her so much. She could not even put her foot down. So she asked me for help. When my mother said, "Eric, can you do something?" I said to my mother "What mom, I'm not a doctor!" I was in IT, I did not understand. And there, without saying anything, just by looking at me, I understood. Because me and my mother, we have been doing telepathy for a long time. So just by looking at me, I understood that she was referring to what I was told when I was a kid. At that moment, I felt a great force that came over me, which made me feel "What do you lose for trying?" That's what I felt like inside. This is not voices that I hear, it does not work like that. It's a feeling. And then you tried to heal her and it worked? I put my hands around her ankle, that's what it told me to do. I put my hands around her ankle without touching her. I felt like fire coming out of my hands. And then my mother said, I feel like it is pulling in my leg, it's scary. She began to walk very fast on her feet, so it was weird, ??and it did not hurt anymore. It is only seven months later, when we received scientific evidence of what had happened. Normally, when a bone breaks, there are weld between the bones. It makes a white line. And it makes a hole or a bump in between the bones, where there was a fracture. And that remains like that forever. My mother is so well healed, that you cannot see where it broke anymore, and she had three fractures. The doctors were amazed. I saw that there were people who had bumps, you touch the bumps and it goes away, this kind of stuff. At first I did not understand how it worked. And little by little, the more I would practice, I learned, I learned, I learned. That's why on my website, the more I learn, the more I put on my website the information I discover. You dropped the computer business, and you do that full time? Yes I do that full time, and besides, I do not charge for what I do. How much you earn per year? How do you live? I do not make money really. You play the Christ? You heal at 32 years old and you do not charge a penny? You ask for donations from what I understand? Yes, there are people who donate, but it’s not everyone. We'll go the other side, because I think what bothers me, I've had people say many things here, I do not segregate in this regard. There are always two things that drives me and make me ask questions. Do you make money with that? If I am not? You say you do not make that much? Currently, I live with my parents! And is it dangerous? Why would it be dangerous? I think it's very dangerous for one reason, if you like, we'll hear what you told at J.E., and that's fundamental. And for me it is a mortal sin, not venial. Listen up! Cancer is a fungus. It lives in an acidic environment, and devoid of oxygen. It feeds on sugar. You told me to stop seeing my doctor. Not that I see him often. You know what's the health system like. You think I should stop? The problem is that when you go see the doctor, he will by all means convince you that it is imperative that you to do chemo and everything. It's hard to fight against a physician. That’s just I'm telling you, if you are weak, and if you have difficulty saying no, do not go see the doctor. Go see the doctor, if you would like to test the progression of your cancer, but do not do the treatments they want you to do, because they are only there to make money. Hey! That! That’s really bad! For me, it's not far from immoral. To tell someone who has cancer, and it must be said that these people are weak. These people are weakened by the illness. Let's say that I remain open to paranormal phenomena. I speak about it here. Let's say what you do is working, great. But do not say to the person, to stop their treatments, that, that does not work. Because here, it is about the very survival of the individual. You play with the coming days, months, of the person. Be careful what you say. You said to stop treatment. I never say to stop treatment. This is not what I say. You said not to go to the doctors and not to follow their treatment? What I explain, goes much further than that. And that's why when it was presented at J.E. like that, they have cut pieces, there is missing pieces, missing information, people cannot understand why I said. So it's important to get informed. They have a few hours of conversation. I saw the transcript. And she asks you outright to a place, should I stop, and you say yes. That's what's dangerous. That's what I tell you. Talking about angels and archangels, etc.. If you want to heal anyone by doing the rain dance, putting carrots in your ears, or fish in the nose, use some powder ... there is no problem. But do not tell people to stop their treatments! That, there, to stop treatment, if it deprives them of 4-5-6 months of life, it's dangerous. Are you interested to know why I said that? Go ahead you're here for that! Good! Super! In fact, in the beginning, I was telling people, no problem, go see your doctor, get treatments at the same time. And we will do energy treatments at the same time, and there will be no problem, that's what I thought at first. Except that there are many people who died. I eventually discovered that chemo is very hard to experience. There are many side effects. And then I discovered why. It is that chemo is a poison that is so powerful that it burns our vital energy. When one is sick, he is already lacking vital energy. So when we do chemo, we fall even more in need of vital energy, that's why we lose our hair, we lose appetite. There are plenty of changes that are done in the body, we lose our quality of life. I realized at some point, and I am also fed up, that's why now I am telling the truth. People do what they want with it. This is your truth, and your truth is dangerous. Do you know David Servan Schreiber? Who wrote the book Healing. It is a psychiatrist. He died there recently. But he healed in the first place from cancer, with a lot of alternative medicine, he tried NDR, new ways of eating, Talk to the universe, he did biorhythm, all kinds of things, really crazy for a doctor. But he followed his chemotherapy. And he always told people, try anything, but follow your chemotherapy. That's why he is dead! He died 20 years later! He won 20 years of life. People who receive treatments from you, no one dies? As soon as you see them, no one dies? To date, there are not dead. You say you have a success rate of 100%? No that's not what I'm saying, what I am saying is that those who are dead, they followed medical treatments. If you watch the movie Burzinski, you'll see that there is an example with a father who had twins. And both girls had the same cancer. The one who did chemo and radiation is dead, but not the other. We absolutely need to take a break, we will be back in 3 minutes. With me, Eric Hamel, a liberator. And who says he is helping people to heal in an efficiency of 100%, I am goaling right now... No, no, no, I never said that! It was you who said that! When you say that there is no one who is dead, it looks a lot like 100%. Time presses, I would like to hear a clip, an excerpt that J.E. presented. And there, I really fell on my ass, not just off my chair, on my ass watching it. I saw lots of angels removing from your uterus white pebbles. And at one point, it said, "Stop! That’s enough! Do not remove more, there is no more." So there is your mother talking, she participated to the healing session, which was a kind of laying on of hands with energy. She, she sees the angels too? In the whole family, everybody is talking with the angels? In fact, it is necessary that you remember, it was a favor that we did to that girl there, she was begging for it and she was crying. I asked my parents to help me, in order to help this girl, and we do not charge. No, but does she sees angels too? This is a family thing? My mother has capabilities in terms of vision. She sees things that I do not yet see. She, she saw what was happening while we were doing the treatment. And that's what she explained to the girl. She saw, she said white pebbles? Yes! These are energy blockages, that the girl had in her womb. For me your mother must be mistaken, because she had seen many pebbles, because in principle this girl is not blocked, this journalist is not sick. So if she has seen pebbles ... In fact, she is not mistaken, what my mother saw was perfect! Because when there are blockages, such as pebbles, it is small we are not talking about big blockages, so she had several small white pebbles. Then for sure it was not cancer that she had, because it would have been black, and it would have been big. But that's not what you told that girl. You did not say she did not have cancer. No, we realized it afterwards that it was true what my mother had seen. But I come back on treatments. Suppose I believe what you do, and when you have no more pebbles you're in good health. You have you removed your pebbles, why don’t you say, do not take any chances. A bit like Guy Corneau who testified here, a psychologist who told me, although I talked to my cancer, because you talk to the uterus. In that time you say to the girl, the journalist, talk to your uterus, how does it feel? It is an anxious uterus, it seems, fearful, it said, I fear, if I would be a uterus and I would have cancer, I would be afraid too. You talk like that with the uterus. Guy Corneau said I spoke with my cancer. And that is a scientist, he is a psychologist, and he could have been laughed at. I tried alternative techniques, bios stuff to drink, I did meditation, etc. But he always said, I continued my chemo because I wanted to have the braces, and the belt. And you say, take off your belt. Let's say I believe what you do, that these pebbles were gone, and you think you have healed her. Why don’t you say, you should do the chemo, just in case in my 100% of efficiency, I dropped to 99%. I'll tell you another story. There is a woman from Granby who came to see me. Precisely, the aunt a friend who is now here, who came to me for breast cancer. She had only one chemo treatment. We did the energy treatment. And at the end of treatment, it told me to tell her to do some testing before continuing chemotherapy, to be sure there are no more cancer, so she does not to do chemo for nothing. She did the tests. It showed she had no more cancer. Her doctor suggested to continue the chemo anyway! And she did! That's why I was saying in the J.E. report that, if you are weak, do not go see your doctor, because it's very hard to say no. It does not make sense to continue chemo, if there are no cancer! People are weak when they go to see you, and you take advantage of that. I do not take advantage of anything. You instill in them a kind of sense of the possibility of cure, and it's not necessarily true. We had e-mails after you have sent me emails of people who are outraged with the way you were treated. And we have also received emails opposite, people said, well I went to see some people who told us we will heal you and it did not work. And we removed our child, and they send us, write us, to yell at us and tell us that we were unconscious to abuse our child like that, to remove it from them, that they were healing him. It was certainly not with me. Do you admit, that it would be best to tell them to continue the chemo? No, not now, not with the evidence I have. So, you are dangerous? No I'm not dangerous, I tell the truth. Does the College of Physicians is right to have you in the sights, to say things like that? I do not charge, why would they have anything against me? This is not a reason ... If people die earlier that what they should... You play with the lives of poeple. You play god. There is a formula where you say "I order you" you are talking to the cells, "I order you" or "I order you, the cells to heal." It is God who speaks like that? Even Jesus Christ in his miracles, he did not say I order you. You are supposed to be the Master of your Universe. And what is happening in your body is your creation. That is all the time we have, Eric Hamel, thank you for participating in the program.

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Eric Hamel dénonce le coup monté de J.E. (Émission du 7 Octobre 2011 : Pratique illégale de la médecine? : Eric Hamel) et leur demande qu'ils s'excusent publiquement. Denis Lévesque le reçoit mardi soir le 11 octobre 2011.

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