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Knights Templar

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Through out the centuries popular culture has developed an encyclopedia of myths and conspiracy theories about the medieval Knights Templar. The Templars have been said to be predecessors of the Free Masons and allegedly were in possession of legendary lost treasures like the Holy Grail, the Arch of the Covenant, or the Shroud of Turin. But who were they really? During the 11th Century, the city of Jerusalem had been seized from Muslim rule by Christian crusaders. Even though Jerusalem itself was under christian control, many of the surrounding lands were afflicted with bandits and marauders who made a routine out of robbing and slaughtering pilgrims trying to make their way to the holy land. To ensure safe passage for travelers, a Christian military order was formed. Their headquarters was in a former Mosque on Jerusalem’s famed Temple Mount, which the crusaders believed to be the legendary Temple of Salomon —Thus the order’s full name: Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon: or in short: The Knights Templar. The Knights Templar and their heavily armored war horses became the decisive force on many battlefields during the crusades, serving as shock troops at the forefront penetrating enemy lines. Donations and earnings made them the owners of a huge network with castles, farms and churches all over Europe and the Middle East. The Templars have been described as the first multi-national corporation in history. They generated letters of credit for pilgrims traveling from Europe to the Holy Land. Pilgrims deposited their valuables before their departure in order to cash in the equivalent upon arrival in Jerusalem. In this manner, the Templars single-handedly invented modern banking. The Knights Templar had to adhere to a strict Monastic lifestyle. A document was sent out with 72 clauses called "The Latin Rule" specified how Knights Templar were supposed to live: Only eat meat three times a week, maintain silence from sunset to sunrise, sleep with your clothes on, do not possess more than three horses, do not own locked purses, do not raise any children avoid a woman’s embrace at all costs. At the end of the crusade, after 200 years, of political, economic, and military hegemony the Knight's Templar quickly lost power. In an organized effort, French King Phillip IV had seized Templar real estate and had members of the order arrested, tortured, and killed. on Friday October 13th of 1307, marking the origin of the dates unlucky reputation.

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Knights Templar

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