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Hotspot Shield

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Hi! I am here to give you a tutorial of how to install and use Hotspot Shield. OK, a few things about Hotspot Shield before we get started. Hotspot Shield encrypts your web session using HTTPS. It also hides your IP address and helps you get around internet censorship and firewalls. Now the great thing about Hotspot Shield is that it works on a wire connection, but it also works on a wireless connection. So if you are accessing the internet from an internet café, or a coffee shop, where you are getting wireless access, you can rest assured that your information is protected. With that in mind, let’s get started. The first thing we need to do is get the software. To do that you are going to open up you preferred web browser. I am using Mozilla’s Firefox. And go to On the main website for you can look at a brief overview of the program and there is a big “download the latest version button” here. Hotspot Shield works with both Windows and Mac computers. Depending on what you use to get to the website, it will give you a different download version, depending on your computer. Click ‘download the latest version.’ I have already downloaded the software so I am not going to do this. Just click it, download it, remember where you saved it, and go to it. I am going to exit out of this, and go find my installation. Click 'Downloads'. Click 'Hotspot Shield'. And double-click the icon. I am using Window’s Vista right now to install this, so I have the Vista version of the software. Click ‘Run’. Click 'Continue'. And then choose your language from the drop-down menu. I am going to go with English. And this is a pretty standard ‘installation wizard’. Click ‘next’. 'Agree' to the Term and Services. Click ‘Next’. It's going to ask me if I want to install the ‘Toolbar’. I don’t want the toolbar, so I am going to uncheck the box and click ‘next’. And I don’t want any of these settings, but you might, so take a look at them. But what you do want to leave is the “Fix Page Not Found” errors box. You want to leave that checked and click ‘next’. I'm going to let it install to the default directory. Then, let that install. It should only take a moment. Okay, completed. Once it is completed, you are going to click ‘next’ again. It is going to give you the option to launch Hotspot Shield immediately, but I am going to launch it manually. So I am going to uncheck the box and click 'Finish'. Close this out. And over here is the icon for Hotspot Shield, so I am going to double-click that, and it should open up a web browser and start activating the service. While this is getting ready to connect to the service, I will show you the icon down here in the taskbar. This is the Hotspot Shield icon. When it is yellow, that means it is trying to connect to the service. When it is red, that means it is disconnected or off. When it is green, as we will see later, that means it is connected or on. You can ‘right click’ the icon, and get a bunch of options here. You can change the language. You can turn the service off and on. You can also just exit it completely. All we have to do now is wait for it to connect. It's ‘authenticating’, which means it is close to connecting. Once it has connected, you will see ‘connected’ in green. It will take you to the “Anchor Free” webpage. Connected in Green. It will automatically redirect us to “Anchor Free”. You don’t have to wait for this to load. As soon as it says “connected” and you can see the icon down here is green, you know your IP address and your information is protected, whether you are on a wired connection or a wireless connection. And that is pretty much all there is to connecting to the service. I hope this tutorial has been of some help.

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Posted by: therhodesahead on Jun 2, 2010

Tutorial on downloading, installing, and using Hotspot Shield.

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