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Consciousness of Oneness, Introduction: QUESTIONS with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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This meeting, right, that we are holding is about global consciousness. The consciousness of oneness is about global consciousness and so we are making it available globally. So what is happening here, you know, in a couple of weeks, anybody, anywhere in the world will be able to access for free. And to me, that's what it's about. What interests me is how to work with the creation from a spiritual point of view. How to work with the oneness within creation. Because if God is one, then everything. If God is everything, then everything is one. And it seems that once you are present in that place of oneness you can have a relationship with creation that is veiled from you if you exist within the framework of separation and just individuality. And it's like once you claim that mystical oneness here in this world just as if you claim the transcendent relationship with God, that one-to-one, that allows you to have a very particular relationship with God that is based on oneness. It is I am he whom I love, he whom I love is me. And that is Al Hallaj. It is that once inwardly you are in that place of a relationship with God based on oneness. He is not other. He is one. That is what the Sufis really call baqa, abiding in God. In Sufism there is the stages of the journey which are called Fanah, annihilation, which annihilates you as a separate self. It strips away the veils, the coverings. And then you arrive, if there's anybody to arrive, at what's called baqa. Which is abiding in God. And that is an evolving, ongoing relationship with the divine experienced as oneness. And once you are present in that oneness with God, it opens the door to a whole different experience of a relationship with the Divine. And if you then mirror that in relationship with creation In my experience once you are present in creation from the point of oneness That opens the door to a whole different relationship with life. Which is very, very, which is I suppose a reflection or an echo of the inner relationship with the Divine. This intimacy. And it gives you access to something within life that otherwise is closed from you. And what really interests me is what, what does it open up? And how then can you participate in life from a place of oneness? It seems to have a lot more possibility than participating in life from a place of separation, of life and me. Or creation and me. And one of the things I have sensed is if you step into that place, a whole degree of effort in life is taken away. Because that's what happens in the relationship with God. Once you step into the place of oneness, then a whole lot of effort in relationship to God is taken away. It just works differently. And I think that we as a culture work far too hard in life. Our relationship to life is constellated far too much around effort. And I don't think it's necessarily meant to be like that. I think there is a very kind of a more ergonomic relationship to life. A kind of more practical relationship to life. A more cost effective relationship to life. And from that place, a relationship to life based on oneness is much more practical. And much more energy efficient. And I think it will open doors a whole different way of being in life that is not so demanding. I don't think life was meant to be such hard work. It is very, very hard work. This is important. It is very, very hard work if you say the Divine is somewhere else. Then being in this world, that lacks the Divine, is incredibly hard work. Because you immediately take out of life a whole lot of possibilities. And for example you take magic out of life and all sorts of aspects of life the doors are closed. If you say that God exists only in Heaven.

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This event was part of a series of events which were open to all with a sincere interest in the emerging global consciousness of oneness.

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