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How to make a reusable shoping bag from an old shirt?

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Today in the "green segment" I have a special guest who has a patent for making an ecological bag from materials that can be found in every home Adi Dori - please show us what you made and how you made it I took a simple shirt A school T-shirt, that is no longer in use because we grew up and it doesn't fit or because we moved to new school or summer camp In this bag I sewed its edge and closed its lower part but actually... You can put inside things that you buy Yes, and the same can be done without sewing simply by tying What? Without any sewing? With no sewing at all. Anyone who knows how to tie a simple knot can do it So how do you do it? Well, we take an ordinary T-shirt That we no longer use and no loger fits us and we fold it so that the sleeve will be on the sleeve and than we cut it we cut the sleeve along the seam we can cut both sleeves togeather these are scissors for cutting clothes, but any scissors will do by cutting off the sleeve we made an "undershirt" then we cut the neck opening I wouldn't think of this part We need to create space for the stuff we will put in Now, we created an undershirt That is like a shopping bag and so we begin What an idea! So... this one is without sleeves I took the sleeves off and now I need to fold it so it will be like that with a handle Ah, O.K. But the bottom is still open In order to close it I simply cut the edges both the upper and lower cloth all along the edge in the end, we need to tie an upper and lower You begin tying on this side I tie twice a double knot the upper string and the lower one untill we finnish it togeather But you do it much faster than me I am skilled And is it strong? It will not untie, it's very stong because there are so many double knots maybe we'll show them a comlete example sure In the end the bag looks like this The knots are so beautifull! They are You can sew a sleeve from another shirt as a pocket That is... I like it A place for your portable phone To make it easier to carry When we go to the shopping We just fold the bag and insert it into the pocket What a patent! It is so small and comfortable and compact that you do not forget it just take it with you everywhere and you always have a bag. I saw you made another cool thing I use materials that can be found in every garden especially after trees are trimmed I take a split branch Very simple, just clean it and file the edges to smooth them and on an iron rod I thread sea shells and beads and beer corks that I pierced with a nail Ah... O.K. ... so Goodbye and ... take care for the environment That's right!

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Duration: 4 minutes and 4 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
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Posted by: adidori on Feb 22, 2010

Adi Dori is teaching her special and easy recipe for a great recycled shopping bag

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