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蜜蜂们 亲自上身/通灵 - 解释蜜蜂

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Desteni Interdimensional Portal Interview: the Bees Interview - 1 of 2 [em] hi World, these are Bees Speaking yes, we maybe manifested as Mere Animals who are Apparently, not Aware of Any other Existence Yet, we are Fully aware of Who We Are Where we are, and Why we are Here [eh] we are Here, to Communicate with the World we've had the Opportunity to be able to Communicate to the World through this Interdimensional Portal which was Opened about Two Years Ago Any Living Expression or Organism or...from Molecules, to Plants, to Animals to us Bees you're Talking to Right Now - we have the Ability to Communicate through this Interdimensional Portal which has Never been Possible through Any Channel or Any Intuitive expression in this World [em] yes, there are Many Concerns - Regarding the Disappearance of Bees we are Indeed Retreating and Retracting Ourselves from this World because we are No Longer Supporting the Purpose of Man of Consciousness that Exists in this World at this Time - Anymore we've had Enough; the Animal Kingdom have been Abused Extensively throughout Time [eh] through Generation After Generation After Generation - we’ve been, Abused used for the Provision of man's Apparent Survival Here in this World and we No Longer Supporting man's Survival because Survival Exists, only as an Enslavement Construct System within Consciousness and so we Become Aware of Ourselves from the Perspective of how are we Able to Make Man or Have Man Listen? the Only Way we're Able to Have Man Listen to What we Have to Say - is through Stopping our Participation and Support of Man - that has Become of Consciousness Systems and that is Exactly what we are Doing the Animal Kingdom, Nature is Standing Up and Saying "Till Here No Further" we have No Concern whether you Make it, whether you Starve whether you have Money, Provisions that are Required to be Made and you are Not Able to Attend to that Effectively - because it is not About That it's about Who You Are and Who You Have Become and who you Have Become is not Supporting Nature it's not Supporting the Animals, and it's not Supporting this World that is Actually - One with Who You Are therefore the Only Way You're Going to Hear is When Everything Stops when Everything that you have Placed your Trust and Dependency on - Stops and this Includes the Provision the bees have made for man in all the Delicacies and the Succulent Taste of our expression [em] it's Fine from the Experience that Bees are Here and we are Experiencing and Expressing ourselves According to how we Provide within Nature Yet, when it's Used Randomly for man to have the Ability to Survive and Us Having to Support That Survival because of consciousness - that is Not Who Man Is we are Not Able to Do that Any Longer because we are not Accepting Anything that is Less than Who We Are we are One and Equal with Man and that's why Us Bees Here at this very Moment Communicating to Man and Saying: "This is the End, Till Here No Further" there are Many Other Animals as Well that is Busying Removing Themselves, from this World and it Will Continue - Until You Stopped and Until you Start Seeing and Realizing and Hearing what it is that You're Actually Doing to this World You're Destroying It! we are Merely Showing to You what You are Already Doing through Our Awareness - we have made a 'choice' to do that [em] the Environment is Already in Such a State that we're not Able to Exist Freely and Express Ourselves as how we'd Prefer Ourselves to we’ve Assisted and Supported man for So Long when What Is Man Doing but only Destroying our own individual expression Within Nature i'm just using the mere Example of Dolphines of the Animals in the Oceans we’re Here to Express Ourselves with You as One and Equal Yet, you haven't Brought that Side of Yourself Within this World to have us - Even Consider Remaining Here and Supporting You's Not Continuing - we're Sorry so More Animals will be Disappearing - Especially as Bees Most of Us are Removing Ourselves from Earth - Meaning we’re Removing Ourselves in Any Way Possible or we are just Reallocating Ourselves, where humanity is Not Able to Find us Anywhere [em] so the Message we have been Busy Bring Through is the Following: You Have to Stop! [smirk] You're Destroying this World and there are Many Voices that are Speaking and Yet You Still Won't Hear if You Don't Hear, You Have to Feel, You Have to Experience It! and this is what is Busy Happening Your World is Crumbling Down, Humanity how long Before You Start Seeing It? how long Before You Start Hearing the Voices of the People in this World? we're Here, am i - as the Bees in this World we're Aware of What you're Doing, Aware of Who you Are and we are Not Standing for Any Longer so there will Definitely be a Cry within this World a Cry within Humanity, Asking Why? Why? You are the Reason Why this is Your Responsibility, there is No One Else - God Does Not Existed because We Are It! you have been..Long Enough, Allowed to Continue, in your Enslavement of consciousness which is Destroying and Annihilating Nature - Especially the Animals i may be One Animal expression Here on Earth as the Bees, Yet Here I Stand for All Animals when I say: that we will be Removing Ourselves because No More are we Taking the Unnecessary Enslavement, the Annihilation and Abuse and Destruction of Nature for man as consciousness Enslaved Systems for Survival it's Enough and that's the Message we are Bringing Through, and World - If you Don’t Hear, [smirk] Don’t Come Crying Later. Thanks For Messages from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened shortly: John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Harry Houdini

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