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Sound and Fury (11)

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Go on inside. New York Otolaryngology Institute Cochlear Implant Center I'm gonna connect up the external transmitter here. It's just gonna stick right on like this right here. There we go. Let me begin by telling you a few things. What we're going to do is we're going to start to increase the current a little bit on the most low frequency electrode that we've got. One of several things may happen. We may not see anything at all. We may see a negative response. We may see some sort of searching or blinking or any of that. So we're gonna be paying very close attention in terms of watching him because that's what we really need to see. OK? Even though you have waited a long time for this an he's waited a long time his ears were just born today. I'm gonna go... one... two... three... go. (buzzing noise) (laughing) Hi! That was so good. You did a great job. This is still relatively low. One... two... three... go. (buzzing noise) You couldn't ask for anything better guys, I gotta tell you. OK guys. Right now he's been listening to each of the electrodes which really is, you know, nothing very interesting although he's been great. We're gonna turn the speech on. One... two... three... ok. Peter... Peter... Peter... Hi Peter! Hi baby boy! How are you? Hi buddy. His ears are exactly five minutes old. Ok?

So, that's really the critical thing at this point to expose him to as much sounds and to make him... Chris this is amazing, look at this! He's turning to her every time she's speaking. (... and to make him very happy about it.) Peter! Hi! Hi! Hi Peter! Say mommamamama! It's mommy. Peter! How big is Peter? Soooooo big! Aaaahhhhhhh. Good boy. Good boy. You hear daddy? That's my boy. You copying daddy? You hear daddy? (It's a miracle.) The cochlear implant is providing my son with freedom and opportunity and the key to the world. That's the opportunity that I'm providing for my son. That's the criminal that my brother's doing to his family. And, it's abuse, and I'll tell you right now, I stand behind my decision a thousand... thousand percent Because, my son will never go through what my brother had to go through. Deaf culture as they know it...

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Duration: 4 minutes and 1 second
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Roger Weisberg
Director: Josh Aronson
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Posted by: grandmoffspiker on Dec 13, 2008

SOUND AND FURY documents one family's struggle over whether or not to provide two deaf children with cochlear implants, devices that can stimulate hearing. As the Artinians of Long Island, New York debate what is the right choice for the two deaf cousins, Heather, 6, and Peter, 1 1/2, viewers are introduced to one of the most controversial issues affecting the deaf community today. Cochlear implants may provide easier access to the hearing world, but what do the devices mean for a person's sense of identity with deaf culture? Can durable bridges be built between the deaf and hearing worlds? Find out.

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