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Vaccination - 101 - With Ghis - Part 1

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Vaccination 101 - With Ghis author of "The Medical Mafia". Hello Everyone! My name is GHIS! G. H. I. S. I was born in Canada. And I was called. Ghislaine Lanctôt, until two years ago. I was a medical Doctor for 25 years and the owner of several medical clinics. In Canada and in the US. During those years of practicing medicine I became aware. that the whole medical system is controled from A to Z by financiers, bankers... and so... the whole goal of the medical system and doctors are not aware of this, but the whole goal.. the only goal is to make people sick. So. It is a system of sickness. and not a system of health everything that is called health, is sickness. When I realized this... I told myself I've got to talk about it. It took me 25 years to understand how the system works. Being with them in the system. How can laid people understand such a complicated system without being part of it. So. I decided to write a book. Entitled: "The Medical Mafia". The goal of the book was to, first of all, explain the system, and I reviewed it to five players. It is simple. The other goal was to... find a solution! If what I learned in medical school was how to make people sick. Them my question was: "How can we make people healthy?" What is health all about? And I realized after several years that... the solution lies in realizing awareness, consciousness, of who I really am. of my real identity. We take ourselves, for poor, powerless creatures. We behave as sheep. And... of course, if we take ourselves for sheep, we need a savior. We need a shepherd. to protect us. To ensure our security in our protection. And what are we afraid of? We are afraid of the wolf. And what is the wolf? Well... talking about vaccines, the wolf is the germs. We are afraid of the germs. And so we need a doctor to protect us from the germs and this is called vaccination. I talked about it in the book "The Medical Mafia" I talked about the problem which is... we have forgotten who we are. and we are giving our power away, to somebody else. So. The solution is. Taking back our power. Obeying! What does that mean? what that means is that the REAL authority is within me. It is not outside of me. but since I have forgotten this I am not conscious of being the ultimate, the supreme authority, I gave my power and submit to the doctor and the medical system it works for So. Today! I will talk about a specific topic I addressed, at length, in "The Medical Mafia" book. And this topic is about VACCINATION. I will not tell you the scientific aspect of vaccination because it is meant to be so complicated that people do not understand just give up understanding the jargon and the whole composition of vaccines. and just give their power relay on what the doctor will recommend them. and not realizing that the doctor is part of the medical system... that is meant to make them sick and kill them When i said the system is meant to kill people and make them sick.. and kill them Again... let's go back to this chart. Who is the shepherd? What is the role of the shepherd? Then the shepherd being the doctor we go to. For protection and security. The government we obey for protection and security. We give our money to the government, to the doctors, and we obey them. What is the role of the shepherd? The role of the shepherd is to shear the sheep. shear the sheep, until there is no more wool and leave them to the slater house. and make them believe it is for their good This is the key of understanding the medical system. And you try to understand any scientific aspect of it. You will give up. It is too complicated. So. That is why I will bring you to the very essence of the problem. Being! Who am I? And who am I going to obey to? Who am I going to believe? Am I going to believe the doctor? Or am I going to believe what my inner voice tells me. My intuition tells me to do. Well... Who is a doctor? The doctor is a human being A nice guy... You may say! Ohh I have a good doctor. Well..He is a nice guy! And you like him. He is nice with you! That is fine Don't forget! That a human being is one thing And that the role he is playing is something else. Your doctor went to the medical school that is totally controlled by financial interest. By big money! What your doctor learns in medical school is dictated by big money. And he does not know it. All the scientific materials. The scientific journals, the continuing medical education, it is all serving big money. and not serving the patients. The sick people. You must understand that. Now. Coming back to vaccines. Who is vaccination serving? Who benefits from vaccination? Well.. again.. you must know that vaccination serves military and industrial interests. What has military got to do with that you will tell me. Well... military. What do we need? What does military need? Well. They need to have good biological weapons. Warfare weapons for mass destruction of targeted population. Oh.. Why would we do that? Well again...Be aware that the leaders of this, the global elite of this world have a huge genetics program They want to reduce the population to 500 million people. So. Lots of them have to be killed. And the best tool to do that is vaccination. Because you can put whatever you want in vaccines. And use them for targeted groups of population. Why do they want to reduce population? Well again. Because they believe there are too many people in the planet. And vaccination is the way to do it. What are the targeted groups? Well. The targeted groups are the blacks, Asians, Aboriginal people. Those are the three main ones. Also the poor, the handicapped, the elderly people, those are also people they want to get rid off. And another brand of people, which is the rebellion's people. Who are they? Where are there people who are more aware of what is going on? And they resist the authority of the financiers and the global elite. And these people they have to get rid off. Well. Who is going to stay? Well. They have two needs: One is reducing the population And the other need they have is to make sure that the remaining people will be obedient people. So. They also need to have a good mind control system for those people. And how can we achieve this? Well. Trough vaccination again. Vaccination is the perfect tool for injecting, inoculating a tiny microchip into the body of the people we want to become very obedient. Pure slavery! This is what the military needs. Now. The other part is the industry. What does the industry need? PROFIT. The only goal of the industry is profits. So. They don't mind killing people. They don't mind harming people's health. They don't mind making children sick for the rest of their lives. They don't mind having babies born with congenital problems, Deformations They don't mind. The only goal is profits. So. They obey. They get the orders from the military. to produce XYZ vaccines. And they do it. If the military says: "Well it is urgent!" Then, they pass laws. Government passes... passes laws that will allow them not to be sued. and will allow them not to have the clinical trials that will prove that the vaccines are not dangerous. So. You see that we have three groups working together. The military, the industry and politics. What does the political groups have to do with that? Well... Become aware! Just look at the situation. Don't try to understand big... big things Just look at what is going on. Who makes causes the shots? Who makes the decisions about epidemic? Decide... Who decides.. there is or there is not epidemic Well. That is the World Health Organization. What is the World Health Organization? It is the health Ministry of the World Government called the United Nations. This is the world government. Decisions are made at that level. Who is the world government? Well. Here we are again. The Global Elite. Global Elite who are financiers. Who are very rich people of dynasties that have been running the world for years and centuries and... and millions of years. So. Those people run the world. They control politics all over the planet. And they make the decisions. Now, those decisions go down the latter and are applied by the governments, by each country's government, who are just puppets. They just do what are they are being told to do. So. You are a politician. You are a ministry of health of your country for instance. The ministry of health of your country is just a puppet obeying the order that they get from the World Health Organization. Then, who will apply in facts. Who will do the job in the country. Well. You have all the... what we call the health, public health service. and that is filled with doctors, nurses, "experts", all the titles... those people, you must understand there is a latter here. And the orders come from the top and it goes down the latter. And everybody obeys everybody. And then, you have the people So, the people obey the doctor. The doctors obey the recommendation that they get from the public health service and the public health service obey the recommendations they get from the ministry of health. and the ministry of health obey the recommendations and the orders they get from the World Health Organization. That is how it works. Now. What does the World Health Organization want? Well, there we are! They want to reduce the population! And have obedient remaining. Obedient sheep. That are perfectly robotized and obedient. Doctor, when I had... I lunched "The Medical Mafia" the retaliation was immediate and severe. I was asked to resign. And I said: "NO". Unless you prove that what I said is wrong, I will not resign. then I was told by the medical board: "if you do not resign we will take you in a trial and we will revoke your license to practice medicine I said: "Fun! Let's go" So. I.. I...I...I... was in a trial for eleven days. And I went by myself. I did not have a lawyer I just went by myself. And that was a great experience... for me. I knew that it was all decided in advance. It was just a formality. And there was no trial at all. They did not want to know what was going on They did not know... want to know why I had written that kind of a book They just wanted to revoking my license

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Ghis tells you what you should know about vaccination before you say YES or NO.

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