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Measuring Cultural Health

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Measuring Cultural Health If you are not using a measuring tool for the health of your culture, I do not think you are serious about your culture. I challenge your seriousness. If you never counted your offering, I would say that you are not serious about whether you need resources. You count your offering. You measure your offering. If you do not take attendance, my thought is you do not care if people show up. If you do not measure the health of your culture, you do not care. It is the way it is. If you do not go to your doctor for a health checkup, you do not care about your health. These are the same kinds of things. If you do not take your child to the doctor to get a checkup... My second grandchild, Mac, had his 2.5 year checkup with the doctor. We all knew he was going. My daughter had an extremely difficult pregnancy with him. We were worried during her pregnancy. Every time he goes for his 6-month or 12-month checkup our family is praying that he is well. You care about the child. You make sure they get a checkup. If you care about your culture, you will get its health measured. As soon as it's measured, you will see that you are doing better in some ways than you deserve credit. You are surprised that people think you are good at certain things. We do not even emphasize it and they think we are good at it. And you will see some things that you cannot believe it is true. You are surprised certain things are being stated about your culture. It will sting. Those who have worked with culture... One of the easiest things to move in your culture is the health of your culture. It is almost embarrassingly easy to make gains in the health of your culture. The consultant will say to not work on eight things but to adjust two things. By next year at this time you will see significant change. You work consistently on that. The scores go up. Some things around church work are painful and take a long time. With culture, you have to stop doing certain things and you start doing other things. You make changes. The scores react quickly and the culture changes quickly.

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Country: Andorra
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Posted by: landsm on Apr 6, 2015


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