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TEDxCeiba - Jorge Reynolds Pombo - 12/4/09

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Thank you very much. We're going to talk about artificial cardiac stimulation. Pacemakers. My story beings in 1958. I had just graduated as an Electrical Engineer, undergrad, and in 1958, I was one of the first group of electrical engineers that went out to Europe. I studied at Trinity Collegue. And it was a misunderstood profession, even the phrase electrical engineer was something very strange. I came back to Colombia, I am colombian, and when I told my friends, they'd ask: What did you study? Electrical engineering. They were silent, at that time the atomic bomb was in the news, so they thought: He must know of the atomic bomb, and, obviously, he must also know how to fix a appliances. So, when I arrived I thought I could work in radio astronomy. One of my teachers was Dr. Lovell, Who was practically the inventor of the radar. And during collegue, I was his assistante en many of his on-going projects. So, unexpectedly, upon arriving at Colombia I wound up working at the National University at the Physiology department of Medicine and there I begun to understand that the human body had alot to do with electricity and at the same time I begun working at the Shaio Clinic which had just been founded and it was this way that I found myself in a world compleately unknown to me. Which was the electrical workings of the heart. Electricity is one of the oldest natural phenomenon known, before man. The Egyptians, for example, used it as medical therapy. The electric eel is an animal that can produce between 800 and 900 volts up to an ampere. They were the first electric defibrillation sistems used on human hearts How did they do it? The medic or shaman of the Egyptian layed the patient down on the altar and placed an eel on him, and this would resuscitate the patient whenever there were ventricular or atrial fibrillation and many probably survived. Nobody knows, neither is it known how they diagnosed these cases

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