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Science in seconds - Vaccines

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Science in Seconds Know Everything RANTS - Vaccines BT: Are you concerned about the risk of dying from measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, polio, or chicken pox? No? Well, 100 years ago you would have been very concerned: those diseases were among the top causes of death in childhood. And the one medical breakthrough that has reduced their death rate up to 100% is vaccination. Vaccines have saved more lives than antibiotics, penicillin and antivirals combined, and are widely regarded as one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of all time. They work on the premise that exposing your immune system to a small or weakened amount of disease makes it strong enough to prevent serious infection later in life. But the anti-vaccine lobby, promoted in large part by uninformed celebrities, continues to question their use. So to start: massive studies conducted the Center for Disease Control, the Institute of Medicine, the US Court of Federal Claims and numerous others have proven that there's no link between autism and vaccines, including studies focusing on the vaccine preservative, thimerosal. Next, the idea that your child's immune system can be overloaded by the 14 recommended infant vaccines is false. A child's immune system is exposed to thousands of foreign bacteria from the moment it leaves the womb. And while double-digit vaccines might seem like a lot, it's literally only one drop in an ocean of challenging agents. Finally, not vaccinating has been proven to cause outbreaks of diseases like polio, which means: death, plain and simple. Fear of the vaccine is nothing to the fear you should have of these horrible fatal illnesses. Vaccines sometimes cause mild fever as the immune system rebounds, but the cost of not vaccinating is the life and safety not only of your child but of our entire society. This is the truth as determined by scientists, who aren't after all money-hungry corporate sell-outs. No matter how many playboy bunnies disagree. Courtesy of Science in Seconds – All rights reserved Only for educational/non-profit purposes. (Translators are invited to put their name here)

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Year: 2010
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Posted by: tradottiinitaliano on Sep 10, 2011

What would you choose between polio and mild fever?

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