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Class '64 Project - Edit 2

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Alumni class projects are vital in OAC. One of the key things with class projects is that there's such a long tradition in OAC of classes doing projects and it cultivates that culture of giving. OAC '64 is a good example of a very dedicated class a very dedicated class in terms of class giving. Well over the years, class of '64 has raised over $700 000. Postgrad students are usually in need of some financial help. There are all kinds of undergrad scholarships, but nothing for postgrad, so that was sort of the idea it first came from. And so we've been able to build that fund up sufficiently enough that it will provide now, two $5000 scholarships for postgrad students. When I found out that I received the OAC class of '64 scholarship, I was so excited, it happened at just the perfect time. It was April, right before my first field season, and it couldn't have come at a better time because I was nervous enough about having all of that pressure to make sure that I did my data collection right and manage my time correctly, and so knowing that I had received that funding was a real relief. The fact that the scholarship is from alumni that have been through the same type of program and in the same college, is really special because it does feel like you're following in their footsteps, it's like they're reaching out with some support, not just financial, but also helping you develop that career and knowing that they went through the same thing, and you know that they understand the validity of your research and are there to support you as a scientist. I hope that they will go on with their studies, it will help them reach their objectives. Every once in a while, you watch news items and they say, "well, the research known at the University of Guelph" and I'm thinking, "Okay, that's us!" You know, I think what stands out for me, is their consistent dedication. They are now on to yet another class project, So they have re-dedicated themselves this time to liaison recruiting through the planning for tomorrow 2.0 project here in OAC. I think it's that close-knitness, that has gelled the people to do things for OAC. On behalf of all the scholarship recipients I'd like to say thank you. Your support really does make a difference to us.

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Class '64 Project - Edit 2

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