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Edison Masillas Interview

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My name is Edison Masillas. I am 23 years old and I belong to a group called My Clan, which is the only clan here in Guayaquil. I have been with el Clan for 8 years. Before, my aspiration was violence...... Sometimes one is not conscious of the things that one does. My aspiration, in the future, is to be someone important in life. Like I have always said: Bad things do not lead to anything good. You have to take the things that you have learned, into new things. It is not worth for you to be someone important in the low world. That does not lead to anything good, because in between you coming and going, you could even kill yourself. They almost killed me 3 times. Of the 3, I have still come out alive, and I keep striving to live.... And now we are working in a pizzeria of the Ser Paz Foundation... the 15th of March is the big inauguration of this pizzeria. that we have here in Cuenca and Lorenz of Garaicoa. Is there anything that you would like to say to the people that know a teenager in gangs, and that think that they are crazy? Well, for the people who think that gangs are something bad: in some parts yes...... but for those people that do not know, they have to lend a hand to those of us that are on the streets. because they don't know what we feel inside. because people always judge you for what you are wearing, for the way you are, for the way you talk, for the things you use, and that is wrong, because you don't know how we are inside. Because one can not just be whatever, do whatever, but one has a noble and humble heart. This is the only thing that I can tell the people that do not know gangs. Those who know, already know the gang world. Laughter) Well, thanks.

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Posted by: global on Nov 10, 2008

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