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Mouse's Birthday All right, boys and girls. Can I have your eyes up here in the cover of the book? What do you think the story is going to be about? Girl: About a mouse! Is it going to be about a mouse? Children: Yeah, yeah. The title of the story is: Mouse's Birthday That's the name of the story. And this story takes place on a farm. Have any of you been to a farm? Children: Noooo Do you know what kind of animals are in a farm? Children: Cows and pigs. Teacher: Cows and pigs. Children: Horse, and rooster. Teacher: Roosters. Girl: And eggs. There may be eggs in this book. Boy: and chicks. Teacher: Let's see if any of those animals are in the story. The first page says: Mouse's house is very small, This is where Mouse lives. It's a tiny little house. Mouse's house is very small, very small, very small. Look at Mouse, he is taking a bath. Can you see what is he taking a bath in? Children: A cup. It's a cup. He is using the cup for a bathtub. Girl: He is taking a shower. There's hardly any room at all for anyone, but Mouse. What's Mouse doing? Girl: He is taking off the pages. He is looking at something. This is a calendar. Do you have a calendar in your classroom? Children: Yeah. yeah. Can you point to the calendar? There is your calendar. And on the calendar, he notices it says it's his birthday today. Boy: I don't have a calendar. Teacher: What do you think will happen on Mouse's birthday. Girl: He will have presents. Teacher: He will have presents, and maybe some cake? Let's see what happens... In comes cat upon his knees, carrying a gifted cheese trying very hard to squeeze into Mouse's house. So, the first guest has arrived. Who is our first guest? Children: Cat. Teacher: Cat. So maybe Mouse is having a birthday party. Do you think there will be other guest? Children: Yes. Teacher: How many of you think there will be other guests? Child: because his house is very small. Girl: He won't have any room. Let's see who the next guess is who comes to Mouse's birthday. In comes dog, upon his knees, carrying a pot of teas. Grown ups drink tea. trying very hard to squeeze, into Mouse's house. How many guests are there now? Children: Two. Teacher: Let's count. One... Two... Do you think there will be more guests to come? Children: Yes... Yes... I see people nodding their head. Anybody thinks no more guests? Girl: There is going to be more. Teacher: Do you think there's going to be more guests. Let's see. In comes Cow upon her knees, carrying a bowl of peas. Can you see the peas? Child: Cow. Listen to this: knees... peas... Girl: Knees... peas... Those rhyme. Let's say that... Knees...Peas... Those rhyme. Trying very hard to squeeze into Mouse's house. Oh my goodness. How many guests are there now? Children: Three Teacher: let's count. One...two...three. Boy: Can the Mouse fit in it's mouth. Teacher: I don't know. But, boy, they are feeling pretty crowded. Look at cat's face. How is cat feeling? Children: Bad. Teacher: Maybe, maybe uncomfortable. Any more guests? Do you think there will be any more guests to come? Children: Yes. Teacher: Do you think so? Let's see. In comes horse, upon his knees carrying a pair of skies. Do you know what are these skies for? You use skies in the winter time on snow. So we got skies and knees. Let's say that. Children: Skies. Knees Boy: they rhyme. Teacher: they rhyme, you're right. They are trying very hard to squeeze into Mouse's house. Do you think there's room for any other guests? Children: No. Teacher: No more guests? Children: Yes Teacher: I see a lot of people going No, no more guests. Let's see. Let's see if another guest comes.... In comes farmer on his knees, carrying a brown beliz trying very hard to squeeze into Mouse's house. Oh my goodness. That looks crowded. What is a brown beliz, do you think? Children: We don't know. Teacher: Can you look at the illustrations? Look at the pictures. What do you think a brown beliz is? What do you think that is? Boy: It's a box. Teacher: Looks like a little suitcase, or maybe a little briefcase. Do you think there'll be more guests? Children: No.... Yes... No... Yes... Teacher: Do you think so? Oh my goodness, let's see. They all fit. Candles lit. Happy Birthday Mouse. How's mouse feeling? Children: Happy. Happy. Teacher: Happy? How do you know? Girl: He's his arms up. Teacher: He got his arms up. And he looks really excited It's his birthday. What do you think is going to happen next? Children: Blow the candle. Teacher: Do you think he'll bow the candle now? Girl&Teacher: And eat the cake? Girl: There is fire... Teacher: Yeah, oh oh, there's fire there. ha... Children: He is going to blow it. Teacher: So do you think they'll blow out the candle, and maybe eat some cake? Anybody else have any ideas, what do you think will happen next? Boy: Mouse takes the first bite. Teacher: Really? What do you think is going to happen next? Do you think they are all going to have fun? Boy: Yes Teacher: And maybe open presents? Children: Yes... yeah. Teacher: maybe? Let's see. Candle glows, Mouse blows. Let's pretend like we are blowing a candle. All: Pretend to blow. And Mouse's house goes, whoooshh. What happened to the house? Boy: It broke. Teacher: Yes, it looks like it kind of exploded. Girl: And things fell out. And Mouse blow out. Teacher: Yes, everything went whoosh! Girl: And the cake blown away. Teacher: Why do you think that happened? Children: I don't know. Teacher: What was the house made out of? Girl: Wooden. Teacher: It was just made out of straw. And when they blew the candle, everything exploded. What do you think is going to happen next? Children: I don't know. Teacher: Don't know? I don't know either. Let's find out. Where are they now? Boy: The farm. Teacher: Yes, they are back in the farm. They are in the barn. Ok. Cat. How is cat feeling? Girl: Good Teacher: Good, you think? Let's do cat's face. Ready? I think cat is a little bit surprised. Can you say that word? Surprised. Children: Where is horse? Surprised. Children talk. Surprised means you didn't expect something to happen. It was, you were surprised. Have you ever been surprised? Children: Yes. Girl: I've been surprised with a... Have you ever been surprised when you didn't expect something? Maybe somebody gave you a present or something happened and you were surprised? Boy: And then his cake was gone. Teacher: Yes. Let's say that word: Surprised. Children: Suprised Teacher: Surprised, feeling surprised. Mouse's new house is very wide, very wide, very wide. Everyone can fit inside, including little Mouse. How are they feeling now? Children: Happy Teacher: Happy. What are they doing? Children: dancing. Teacher: They are dancing. They seem delighted. Girl: And the farmer is playing music. Teacher: Yeah. Can you say the word delighted? Children: Delighted. Teacher: Delighted means you are really happy. I'm delighted when I get to come in here and read a story. I'm delighted when I get to go to parties. What are you delighted? Girl: I'm delighted to have presents. Teacher: You are delighted when you have presents. Girl: I'm delighted about candy. Teacher: You are delighted about candy. Teacher: Let's say that word. Girl: I'm delighted about christmas. Teacher: About christmas. That's a great way to think about delighted. Children: Me too, Me too. Teacher: Can you all say that word again. All: Delighted. Girl: Mouse ate the cake cheese, a piece of the cake. Teacher: Yeah. Let's sit down on your bottoms to show you the last page. Are you ready? on your bottoms? Good job! Look at what happens at the end. Girl: It is Mouse's flower. Teacher: Yes. He is sleepy. Why is Mouse so sleepy? Children: Because... Girl: He slept outside. Teacher: Yes, the stars are around. He got a big birthday day, didn't him? Children talk.

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