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In our community, There are still children who do not have birth certificates We invite you To listen to Emilienne And the mayor of the Okola council interview Incredible ! My children do not have birth certificates because In the first place, I am careless And secondly, I do not have the necessary money for the birth registration I call on Plan Cameroon to help me do the birth registration of my children I will therefore rejoice to see my children having birth certificates Beuh, not declaring the birth of a child Is considered a civil wrong Each parent must do the birth registration of his child Here in the rural area Non declaration of birth is dependent on a variety of factors Like the irresponsibility of some parents The lack of information That means the lack of knowledge Cash shortage And above all euh the enclavement of some area At times, children are born Very far away from the places birth registration are done These are some factors influencing the non declaration of birth While certifying birth certificates euhhhhhhh We encounter some problems Such as euhhhhh it happens that euhhh Many children are not legally recognized And birth registration are done belatedly, etc After all, these are some of the problems we usually encounter The advice we could give to parents whose children do not have birth certificate Is that they should go to the council To receive assistance in regards to the birth registration of their children Because after the required time which is one month you showed the delay for birth registration Is run out Euhh it becomes more complicated Let`s clap our hands Yeye eeeeeee Let`s clap our hands Yeye eeeeeeeee OK

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Duration: 2 minutes and 21 seconds
Country: Cameroon
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan YETAM Cameroon
Director: Cameroon Youth
Views: 120
Posted by: lraftree on Aug 24, 2009

This film exposes the fact that, even nowadays, some children do not have birth certificates in Mva’a. A mother explains to us why she has not declared the birth of her children. Okola mayor gives an overview of the non declaration of birth situation in the community.

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