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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 2 Block 2

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Amuerzo or lunch in MEXICO is usaully called LA COMDIA. It is the main meal of the day and similar to the size of an american dinner. They usually eat LA COMDIA between 2 and 3 pm. and remember that most people go home for this main meal if they can. If they have to eat out however they can have a very moderately priced COMDIA CORRIDA. shown here between $3-$4 dollars. remember that $40 MEXICAN PESO'S are only $4 U.S. dollars. COMIDA CORRIDA means food on the run, but it includes a full meal of a main dish. like the fish, meat, chciken with MOLLE, and CHILES RELLENOS offered here. It includes SOPA DEL DIA (soup of the day) , ENSALADA (salad) , ARROZ (rice) , FRIJOLES (beans) , and of course fresh hot TORTILLAS. and don't forget the spicy sauces on the table. To add more PICANTE. here you can see some typical mexican, COMDIAS. you can see around the outside of the plate from left to right. the typical salad refried beans,and guacamole which is AVOCADO dip in the front of the plate you can see this is a PLATO MISCO, or called a plate of chicken, CHERRISO which is spanish sausage, beef and ribs. here you see fresh grilled fish, of course with the head still on. again you see GUACAMOLE, rice, and refried beans, this time along with TACOS and ECLATAS ENCLATES areTORTILLAS usually filled with chicken and or cheese and bathed in red chilli sause. a red CHILE sauce, ENCHILADAS ROJAS, or a green CHILE sauce, ENCHILADAS VERDES O SUICAS. the green chile sauce is usually not at all spicy, but the red sauce can be. this is also a good time to mention another very important mexican food, TAMALES. As you can see here little corn husked packages inside is always dough made out of corn, it can be sweet TAMALES with sugar and sometimes fruit combined with the corn dough Or spicy TAMALES with chicken or beef and a red or green chile sauce inside the dough is always wrapped inside of a corn husk and than cooked by boiling the wrapped package in water again, these corn dough packages are called TAMALES. BEBIDAS, or drinks for the main meal include more fresh squeezed delights like fresh squeezed LIMONADA, lemonade made from local kee limes which they call LIMONES. Or AGUAS DE FRUTAS, AGUAS DE FRUTAS are waters flavored with fruit. they mix water, sugar, and fresh fruit to make an all natural fresh drink as you can see they have different flavors like LIMA, HORCHATA, PINA, AND JAMAICA to the left is AGUA DE TAMARIDO or tamarine, a popular tropical fruit. and to the right is AGUA DE JAMAICA which is made from the petals of the red Jamaica flower, which when mixed with sugar tastes a lot like fruit punch. here on the left is ORCHATA which is basically a rice pudding in a drink, condenced milk, ground rice, vanilla, and cinnamon. notic that when you get your drinks togo in mexico, instead of giving them to you in a cup, you get them in a plastic bag, tied around the straw this is agua de jamica, followed by agua de coco, or fresh coconut water, taken right from the coconut refrescos or sodas are also very popular in mexico in addition to regulars like coca-cola and orange soda, you can get fruit flavored sodas like squirt or kas, made from grapefruit and the very popular manzanitas. made from either green or red apples and if you would like, you could always make or buy some TE HELADO or iced tea thus ends LA COMIDA and MEXICO LA MERIENDA, snack time, or COMER ENTRE COMIDAS, eating between meals. in mexico occurse anytime ANTES, before or DESPUES, after LA COMIDA, thier main meal. We waited impationtly for our CHURROS guy to arrive around 5p.m. but I must say those CHURROS made fresh to order. They were only 10 cents a piece were worth the wait. The rest of the snacks in mexico can be enjoyed before or after LA COMIDA. It is not my favorite food but many people eat it in the United States too. We call it pork rinds. In fact you may have already tried CHICHARRON without even realizing it. Of course in addition to a large variety of foods that you can snack on in MEXICO You can also have any kind of BEBIDA (or drink) that you would like between meals. TE HELADO (iced tea) CHOCOLATE CALIENTE (hot chocolate) JUGO FRESCO (fresh squeezed juices) LIMONADA O NARANJADA (fresh squeezed lemonade or orangeade) mixed with either regular water or seltzer water. LIQUADO DE FRUTA EN AGUA O LECHE The fruit water and fruit milk blends that we discussed earlier. Or FRAPPES (or smoothies) which are like LICUADOS but mixed with yogurt also. LECHE (milk) often boxed REFRESCOS (SODAS) especially the fruit sodas like MANZANITA Or a plain old POTELLA DE AGUA (a bottle of water) Don't forget about the fresh fruit waters too, AGUAS DE FRUTAS, given to go in a bag with a straw. Thus ends just some of your delicious choices for snacks, or COMIENDO ENTRES COMIDAS EN MEXICO

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 2 Block 2

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