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saddlesore I came: a Jew among the Indians vot em I doink in dis strange place mit deez pipple mit strange eyes could be it's trouble? could be could be (he says) a shadow ariseth from his buckwheat, has tomahawk in hand! a shadow of an axe inside his right eye of a fountain pen inside his left vot em I doink here how vass I lost tzu get here? am a hundred men a hundred fifty different shadows, jews & gentiles, who bring the Law to Wilderness (he says) this man is me my grandfather & other men-of-letters men with letters carrying the mail, lithuanian pony-express riders the financially crazed Buffalo Bill still riding in the lead hours before avenging the death of Custer, making the first 3-D movie of those wars or years before it, the numbers vanishing in kabbalistic time... (he says) ...and the lonely rider jews & gentiles entering the domain of Indians who Bring the Law to Wilderness in gold mines & shaky stores the fur trade heavy agriculture, ballots bullets barbers who threaten my beard your hair but patronize me & will make our kind the Senator from Arizona the champion of their Law who hates us both but dresses as a jew one day an indian the next a little christian schmuck vot em I doink here? dis place is maybe crazy has all the letters going backwards! (he says) so who can read the signboards to the desert? who can shake his way out of the woods? when the Baal Shem visited America, he wore a shtreiml the locals all thought he was a cowboy, maybe from Mexico "a cokboy?" no, a cowboy! I will be more than a credit to my community & race but will search for my brother Esau among these redmen their nocturnal fires I will share piss strained from my holy cock will bear seed of Adonoi & feed them visions I will fill full a clamshell, will pass it around from mouth to mouth from mouth to mouth we will watch the moonrise through each other's eyes the distance vanishing in kabbalistic time... ...the old man watches, overcome with Light the man & the city disappear he looks & sees another city, this one is made of glass inside the buildings stand immobile statues brown-skinned faces catch the light an elevator moving up & down his spirit rushes up the mountain-side & meets an eagle let's speak (he says) feels like a little gas down-here (he says) (can't face the mirror without crying) and the eagle lifts him like an elevator to a safe place above the sunrise there gives a song to him: (Where Shall I flee from Your Spirit?) אנא אלך מרוחך the Baal Shem-Tov song ?אנא אלך מרוחך repeated without words for centuries ?ואנא, ואנא מפניך אברח the vision of my grandfather ואנא, ואנא the vision of the Baal-Shem in America!

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Duration: 10 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Director: Masha Nemirovsky
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Posted by: mattikovler on Apr 21, 2013

Matti Kovler's Cokboy (A Jew Among The Indians), a tone poem for actor and orchestra. Text: Jerome Rothenberg. Boston Modern Orchestra Project (Gil Rose: conductor) Jordan Hall, Boston

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