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History of Drone Hate

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to talk about one thing and one thing only Why do many players hate drones? The hate for drones has the longest legacy of hate and continues to pop up as a hot topic for the way Robocraft is treated There are weapons to counter them, patches that weakened them, yet many players still hate drones So without further or do, let’s dive into the love for drones then elaborate it’s hate Drones have evolved quite a bit in its lifetime and has arguably been around since the golden age, but in different forms The core foundations to drones are to be very agile, keep core components on the inside, and most importantly, insane amounts of triforcing The way drones navigate their damage is similar to how a tree would branch out, but inside a box Because of their damage routing, this allows the robot to stay alive a lot longer With parts on the inside, the builder can also encapsulate the last few parts to contain enough thrusters to escape with ease It truly doesn’t matter what thrusters are left since camera control steering makes the direction of flight easy Drones have one of the most complex builds that anyone could make Trying to build one without testing is like giving someone a slice of pizza without tasting Wow, I just went way too far I am so sorry tommy I mean, flyers in general are the most complex robots to create It relies on more than one type of movement part to function which is why propellers were created It should be a rare achievement to make a functional drone simply because without proper knowledge building a drone would be painful Testing and testing, over and over until it flies the way its suppose to fly This is where the love for drones comes in This is where someone spends hours upon hours perfecting a design of a masterpiece That’s all we have for today's video I want to thank you guys I will catch you guys later ---- Oh Umm, skip 2 paragraphs too far (cough) Drones were built to be the best of the best flyers and utilizes many secret features in its past During the Full Spectrum Combat update, drones utilized sloped cubes because at the time these parts had a lot more health per mass This made drones a flying tank which helped keep parts alive a lot longer than intended This was later patched and made drones that utilized sloped cubes more fragile Thus, the population of drones was reduced until the release of Prop Drones Prop Drones were explosive because of the new super speed propeller parts and reigned supreme Unfortunately, that fun was over quickly as propellers were updated to have spin up times making the time to move a certain direction not as fast as it used to be Thus, this was the end of the drone hate as players lived happily ever after but the hate for teamwork evolved Yup, you heard correctly Teamwork is hated I know you're going to try and down vote me for this to oblivion, but just listen Crowd: Boo! You suck! Drones have been known to provide a toxic interaction with players Use a drone and you will likely get some trash talk before the match even begins Win a match with a drone and you still get some trash talk in the end The factor of teamwork is not even taken into consideration because some players have made up their minds that Drones equals defeat Are these statements made directly towards drones? Yes But are drones overpowered? No Let’s outline some points that will help clarify why drones are indirectly hated as well as why teamwork is the reason for the drone hate Nano Healers, Aeroflak Evasion, Moves erratically and unpredictable Camera Controls, Energy curve favors drones, Platoon of Drones They are ugly. Ok let's get this one out of the way Yes, Doge is a drone Auto Heal, Escape capabilities, Pinpoint dimensional movement The drone part. Just thought I add that one here since the term is that cringe. Impossible to hit These were gathered from across discord and the internet to summarize the drone hate Let’s go over the rundown and get to the bottom of this hate madness Nano Healers, or dare I say the correct term, is referencing to drones healing other drones but this is a common misunderstanding of hate Nanos are capable of making anyone feel invincible and that's because of the platoon or allies decision to heal and not drones This can have the same effect with any other build as long as the healer is actually healing you or if your robot is robo3 because robo3 does not need healers Aeroflak Evasion is simply put Drones being able to avoid incoming flak projectiles because of the speed and agility however, the hate is not on the drones, but on the player’s ability to avoid damage Remember that drones are built in a squishy manner They aren’t as tanky as they once were This highly revolves around the player’s ability to lead the shots as well as taking into consideration what amount of coverage does the drone have It moves erratically and unpredictable This is a great compliment to the pilot Camera controls has helped eased the life of flying units, yet here's the catch Drones are meant to move with pinpoint dimensional movement It is something that makes them different from other robot designs, but also heavily relies on a skilled pilot to do so A platoon of ground units can destroy drones, hence teamwork is op This breaks the myth of drones being impossible to hit It is not impossible to predict the patterns of the players movement Energy curves favors any robot that is low CPU to have fast speeds with the cost of low health This means a 500 CPU drone is capable of fleshing out tons of damage, but is very delicate This is an overall hate to the feature of energy and not the drone This goes the same with auto heal as drone players use this feature to their advantage simply by taking cover Escape capabilities are one of the core features of drones to escape with ease The old days contained ways of escaping combat by leaving 1 or 2 small thrusters on the pilot seat and was filled with hate With the removal of the pilot seat, escape capabilities are not seen often simply because players don’t create it even though it is easy to do with the help of modules The drone design was built to have movement parts on the inside which naturally leaves a few thrusters and cubes to spare when the robot is nearly destroyed Platoon of Drones is the biggest hate of them all That feeling of running into a 5 man platoon filled with drones is the worst possible feeling ever Drones have their counters and the platoon of drones hate is mainly faulted by the lack of an ELO system This is expected to make players face players based off of their skills, but not even that is enough to blame It is the hate of platoons for having a group of skilled friends Having friends and people you can communicate in real time is what makes anything overpowered Let's take Atlas Core for an example A clan that is made to be both competitive and casual, but the key here is that teamwork is established The hate is directed to the teamwork and skills provided by the players A match with a solo drone is not the end of the world or even a determining factor to a match The most basic weapons can destroy drones simply because they are fragile but only good drone players knows to use cover and be aware of what enemies to target In the end, the drone hate is something that will continue to live on Regardless of what I say, it is not going to change everyone’s idea of drones, but I do want to let you know It is not the robot, but the player’s skill It’s the teamwork that stands out when facing a platoon of drones The ability to lead your shots and keep them hiding because they are delicate Only you can prevent the drone hate So that pretty much wraps it up for this video I know this video will be very cringe as many hate drones, but I did want to shed some light on a heavily debatable topic Feel free to let me know your opinions whether this video gave you some perspective or if you may hate drones more because of this I want to thank you guys for watching This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Feb 8, 2017

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