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“Tsuen Kwai Tsing Transport Terminus Show” Purchase Arrangement Since we announced to sell “Tsuen Kwai Tsing Transport Terminus Show” videos many Internet friends have asked for the purchase details So we would like to take this opportunity to purchase fees and methods Since 2005, we have taken 39 chapters of videos The purchase unit is based on chapters The fee is divided into 5 levels Each chapter is $50, $80, $100, $135 and $170 respectively The fee details are as follows: Besides, if you buy the following sets of videos at one time, you will get some premium "Tsuen Wan" set, original price HK$1860, discounted price HK$1680 "Kwai Chung" set, original price HK$1335, discounted price HK$1200 "Tsing Yi" set, original price HK$745, discounted price HK$670 We also offer other small sets of videos, including...... "Tsuen Wan Urban" set, (original price HK$610, discounted price HK$550) "Tsuen King Circuit" set, (original price HK$235, discounted price HK$210) "Tsuen Wan Rural" set, (original price HK$565, discounted price HK$500) "Tsuen Wan North" set, (original price HK$220, discounted price HK$200) "Kwai Chung North" set, (original price HK$350, discounted price HK$315) "Kwai Chung South" set, (original price HK$535, discounted price HK$480) "Lai King Hill" set, (original price HK$455, discounted price HK410) "Tsing Yi North" set, (original price HK$385, discounted price HK$350) "Tsing Yi South" set, etc, (original price HK$360, discounted price HK$320) The above video fees are calculated in Hong Kong dollars The fees can be negotiated through emails or YouTube private messages to adjust the fees based on your needs You can access this website to download and fill in a purchase form and then email the filled form to [email protected] or [email protected] We will reply your email to confirm your purchase also make an appointment with you for collection The revenues from the videos will be used for our expenses We are welcome to purchasing the videos Lastly, thanks for your support again! "Tsuen Kwai Tsing Transport Terminus Show" Purchase Details Date: 20 December, 2008 Language: Chinese (Cantonese) Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English Host: Ricky Chow, Patrick Siu Producer: Ricky Chow, Patrick Siu The video's only playing point,

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: None
Producer: Ricky Chow, Patrick Siu
Director: Ricky Chow, Patrick Siu
Views: 95
Posted by: ckh3111 on Dec 18, 2008

Video purchase details of "Tsuen Kwai Tsing Transport Terminus Show"

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