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For most people, the starting point for using video in health and care is to load your videos on to your website. You can do this by using something called an ‘embed code’.  An embed code looks like this and  when your web manager inserts it in your website content management system, the video will appear on your webpage.  You can choose to have your video play automatically when someone lands on your web page, and you can also add subtitles in foreign languages so that your online videos are also very accessible by the different communities that you serve. Some common aspects that you need to consider include: Do you want to use an existing webpage or create a new one for your videos? Do you put all your videos on the same page, like this one? Or do you want to use a more targeted approach, where you put individual videos on separate pages. If you adopt this approach, you can use your videos at appropriate points in your service users’, carers’ or patients’ journey through your service or their care pathway. And how will your videos link with the text on the page?  Do they replace the text or complement it. Are they the first thing you want the viewer to watch or do you want them to read some other information first?  Your answers will affect where you place your videos and the information that you wrap around them.  You will need to be able to answer all these questions in order to give your website manager a brief on what you want.  But getting your videos uploaded is only the starting point. From here, you need to help people to find them, and become skilled at using them in the care process.

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Posted by: richardwh on Jun 26, 2015

2860 Loading videos on your website

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