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Merge Modalities

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Do you have another business outside of health coaching that you'd like to combine with your coaching practice? In this module, we'll show you how you can effectively merge modalities to make use of all your talents and serve your clients on a much deeper level. Many students come to IIN with other certifications or practicing other modalities, such as personal training, herbalism, or massage. If this is you, you have a unique advantage as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach because you can mix and match your services to incorporate all the skills you practice. Here are some ideas of what that might look like. If you're a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, you might offer packages including training or group sessions along with health coaching. You can implement this strategy to provide better support for your clients in reaching their health and fitness goals. If you practice herbalism, you can include primary foods coaching along with the herbal consultations. If you're a chef, you can offer cooking classes or include prepared meals or private cooking classes as part of your coaching packages. If you're a massage therapist or energy healer, you might include 1 or 2 sessions a month in your top tier coaching package. If you're a makeup artist or personal stylist, you can blend your health coaching with these services by offering clients an inside-out makeover. Teach them how to create natural beauty by using makeup or style and health and wellness coaching. While this is in no way an exhaustive list of modalities and possibilities, they're meant to get your creative juices flowing. Check out the Examples of Merging Modalities handout for more ideas and the Merge Your Modalities worksheet to brainstorm how you could uniquely combine your offerings to create a one-of-a-kind service for your clients. In addition to using your past experience and certifications to support your clients, you can also use your contacts from those fields to help build your new business. For example, you can reach out to colleagues in the industry for referrals or partner together for workshops. The possibilities are endless. If you don't practice another service don't worry. It doesn't mean you can't still partner with professionals in these industries in other ways. For example, you could partner with a yoga teacher to offer the seven-day clean eating program. This would support the yoga teacher's students in their health and wellness and also bring you new potential clients. So it's a win-win for everyone. To recap, we talked about the benefits of combining health coaching with other modalities you practice. We then shared a few examples of what this might look like. Then we learned that we can use the connections we've made in other fields to build our health coaching practice. Finally, we discussed how you can partner with other practitioners even if you don't practice in other areas. Get started crafting ways to merge modalities using the Merge Your Modalities worksheet. If you get stuck or you want feedback, post in the Facebook group so we can support you.

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Merge Modalities

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