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The Sound of My Voice (2012)

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(Peter) Somewhere in the valley, there is a woman living in a basement. She's actually amassing followers. These people who believe that she'll lead them to salvation - or whatever. And yes, she's dangerous, but we have to see this thing through all the way. We began by preparing on the outside. This transmitter records everything from the camera. If we go out of range, outside of 50 feet, (Lorna) Peter, that's too big to swallow. People need to see video of Maggie. No way. (Peter) I couldn't tell the exact location of the house. We were in the van for approximately 20 minutes. (male voice) The first night is always the most difficult. (Peter) To see her is to believe her. Of course, that's how these cons work. (Maggie) You see the achor is the sign of the traveller. And the number 54 refers to where I come from. 2054. Your future. (Lorna) But what if she is? (Peter) From the future? Ah, no one is from the future. (Maggie) It's a really dark time. Every life is death. (woman's voice) We'll be alright though - Maggie's taking us to a safe place. Why do you have a gun? It is very important that we trust each other. We're family now. [gunshot] (Lorna) I just feel like we're in over our heads. (Peter) Yeah, that's investigative journalism. If you would come with me, please, Peter? Maggie will see you. (Maggie) I need you to bring her to me. I don't understand. (Lorna) I think we should go to the police. (Peter) We don't know who these people are - what they're capable of. (Maggie) Very soon, this group is going to begin it's journey. (Lorna) It's dangerous. (Peter) I'm going to go all the way. How far are you going to go? (Lorna) This is about Maggie. I see the way you at her. (Peter) Are you really jealous of that fraud? (Lorna) Why not? (Maggie) It's not my choice. It's yours. (Maggie) What are you hiding from me, Peter? (Maggie) We're survivors. Beyond your wildest imagination. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 27, 2012


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