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7 Climate Tales I

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Ooh! Ain't that something! Hey, enjoying the show? Excuse me, I am working. Huh? Kinda far south for a polar bear. Ain't jah? Hey! Looks like your ice is melting. You don't say. Look my habitat is shrinking. Huh? And I obviously fell asleep on the wrong iceberg. what you are saying? Now leave me alone. While I calculate how to get home. Ohhhhhh! You are missing all the shooting stars. Hey you forgot to carry the 9. Yeah. ****** melted and woke me up. what you saying? If I don't get enough of sleep, I won't have enough of energy to hunt my next meal. Hellooo Which is incidentally, is going to be hard enough Anyway! Huh. Since, all the icebergs are melting. I can't hear a thing he is saying. So, if you want to make me even more cranky. Wow, look at there. Hey did you know shooting stars had doors? Maybe it's a portable ice cave. I could hibernate in there. Watch out! I am slippery. Woah! I am slippery lil guy, ain't I? This cave is too noisy. I am getting out of here. Hey! I have no idea what's going on here? Kinda far south for a polar bear, aren't you? Where am I? Welcome to the tropical rain forest! May I take your coat? I am at the equator. I guess that is a bit south. Isn't it? I think I can safely say that as far as North pole visitors go you're the first. Eeeeyaahhh! Holy bananas, what's that? He is the second. I need water. Here, use this. Don't worry I can get another one. The humans left plenty. Where did all the trees go? Funny story. The humans cut them down and burned them. I guess, that's not really a funny story And now it's a trash dump. Well, once the trees were gone, the humans tried to grow crops. But since all the good nutrients were in the trees, it didn't take long for the humans to use up all the rest of the life in the soil. After a few years, the humans moved on leaving a dead and lifeless landscape. You must be a lot of fun at parties. Hey! How am I gonna get back home? No problem! Looks like you guys came here in one of those travel displacifiers. A trava.... what's it? A travel displacifier. It displacifies its passengers from one place to another. I read about it in a magazine from the humans. I don't suppose you know how to operate it. Sure! I come from a smart family. Did you know my cousins are famous for typing out the complete works of Shakespeare? Wow! Really? Yeah! I mean it took them a while. That how I do it. Okay. Next stop the Arctic Circle. Wait a minute. Where are the ice bergs? Where's all the water? Umm.. Do you think this thing has an instruction manual?

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Posted by: schoogle on Dec 16, 2015

7 Climate Tales I

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