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InterReflections -=Trailer=- [Extended] (Repository)

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[Music] Gentle Machine Productions presents A Peter Joseph Film From an anthropological perspective our civilization has passed through three major transformations. The Neolithic Revolution some 12,000 years ago and hence the dawn of agriculture. The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century introduced mechanization, rapidly advancing productivity. And of course the post-scarcity revolution that we now know as the great transition, which began at the turn of the 22nd century. THE GREAT TRANSITION I would describe the pre-transition period as a race: a race between human wisdom and complete societal catastrophe. Which is what happens when a technologically advanced culture isn't mature enough to understand the nature of its own power. It's easy for us to look back and wonder how the insanity of that time went on for as long as it did. I mean here we were as a species sitting on vast scientific potentials to ease social stress, improve public health and find harmony with our habitat, and yet our cultural baggage was so great, loyalties to bogus political, religious and economic philosophies, so strong, that we barely made it to the more stable world of today. And how did we get to this great transition? Well, it was quite the drama. The traditional avenues of that world's so-called democracies certainly provided no such route. It would take the rise of a kind of apolitical subculture, a subculture existing far outside of the dominant establishments, to help guide our civilization in the right direction, and I must say it is quite the story. [Newscaster] They call themselves Concordia after the ancient Roman goddess of harmony. The pro-revolution hacktivist group, world-famous after a decade of subversion, suffered a major blow this week with the capture of leader John Taylor. - John! - Simon. – Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes. - Is this really necessary? - Yeah, I'm afraid so. It was just last year they breached the accounts of the world's richest CEOs, extracting some 1.6 trillion dollars, moving that money into virtually traceless charity donations worldwide. - I assume you know why you're here and not in some vassal state being tortured, right? - Theatrics. [Chuckles] So what exactly is this place? I feel like I’m in a badly rendered sci-fi movie. We on a spaceship? - Only spaceship Earth. A year before that they jammed both Chinese and American defense systems during the Saudi annex crisis, disabling thousands of warheads, a move which some on the left claimed might have saved the world from World War 3. And in 2045 they leaked emails revealing how major Wall Street investment firms lobbied the CIA, Mossad and MI6 to help procure monopoly control of rare-earth metals in Asia. [Political Prisoner] I think we agree this is unprecedented to have a designated terrorist group becoming a pop culture fascination, with public support of their anti-government and anti-corporate actions. Their published manifesto has been downloaded 100s of millions of times, with thousands of supporting groups out there in social media. Adapted from the book The New Human Rights Movement comes a story about The Greatest Revolution of All Time [Phone ringing] INTERREFLECTIONS WHICH SIDE OF HISTORY WILL YOU BE ON? #interreflections fall 2017

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Duration: 6 minutes and 53 seconds
Year: 2017
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Peter Joseph
Director: Peter Joseph
Views: 48
Posted by: ltiofficial on Jan 21, 2017

Trailer for the first of a trilogy series about a fictional global revolution. Over the course of the three films, the audience will be taken on a journey of global (and intellectual) transformation, while highlighting the real world social potentials (and problems) we have or are on pace to having as time unfolds.

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