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Teach you Eternal Life: 21 Days to Self Freedom Expounded - 4 count breath explained

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: 21 Days to Self Freedom 2 - Jack Hi this is Jack and, I'm here to, communicate 'specifically' about the 21 days to self-freedom because that's there have been some, quite a few questions and, a bit of confusion about 'how exactly' does this work. ok for the beginning- 'for the beginning stage' if you want to call it that you will 'count' by yourself, for yourself in other words, you know within you you will go (inhale) One two three four, In, Hold! one two three four Out! (exhale) two three four, hold! two three four, In! two three four Hold! two three four Out two three four, Ok So you will, count within yourself, to assist and support yourself Now (smile) it is not to 'take a vacation' for 21! days, it is not asked 'for leave', for 21 days it is not to 'seclude', yourself, in your own room, for 21 days it is not to, asked, to be taken, to a prison cell for 21 days and so that there is no escapes so that all you can focus on 'is your breathing for 21 days' No you're able to apply this breathing application, 'anywhere, anytime' Now, this breathing application, will support and assist you with 'multi-functioning' and 'you will notice' that you will be able to apply this breathing application, 'and' participate in a conversation 'at the same time', as a being communicate you do the counting within you you're just breathe you will 'hear' what the being has to say, and if a moment- you will realize it "you won't hear" what the being has to say if you've gone into your mind but, 'the counting' is a different scenario what I'm saying is: as you're breathing you're counting within yourself (inhale) one two three four (hold) one two three four (exhale) one two three four (hold) one two three four you will be able to hear what the being has to say If a Thought comes up! While you're counting and listening to the being. Yes then you won't hear what the being has to say So just focus on 'breathing, counting' breathe, become the breathe, as the breathe of Life Now, 'the counting' has got 'nothing to do with lung size' Nothing the four count breathe, applys, for everyone in this world Nothing the four count breathe, applys, for everyone in this world have a look, I'll, demonstrate it (inhale) (hold - infinity moment) (exhale) (another hold) (inhale) (hold) (exhale) (another hold) so, there's an example of, the breath in, hold, breathing out, hold thus human beings, count within yourself 'It Will Take Practice', lots of practice Oh yes, now what happens when a though, comes into your mind while you're breathing? you have to start over again (smile) there may not enter 'one thought in your mind', while you're doing this 21 days self-freedom not one though if 'one' thought enters your mind you have to start over again (smile) and then, as a thought comes you apply forgiveness of that thought apply self-forgiveness, and then, you start over again - with clarity you begin again, if another though comes, Stop! apply forgives- apply self-forgiveness, 'start over again' you'll, reach a moment you'll human beings, where you'll go: I- Have! to Do This! (laugh) I am- 'Getting' through this! and 'that' absolute self-commitment self-dedication is what all, 'carry you, through this', specific, application, and experience even if one thought enters your mind so where is the best place to go? to be in a place where you're busy because then you can check, how may I- where your thoughts are coming up as you doing the breathing application and then you just Stop, apply self-forgiveness of the though, and you start over again but it's not going to help you do it in a seclusion of your own room and then when you go out, 'everything', just coming 'rushing back' you have to 'exist and live as you Normally live', while you're doing this breathing application Ok, that's what I have to say, you have any other further questions, I'll be on the forum and that's the specificity, of the 21 days of, to self-freedom - your breathing Thank you Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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