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MC - Local Governance through Youth Municipalities (2)

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We researched the matter and found that educational projects are some of the most important ones. A Journey Through Books A civilized society is able to set down solutions to its problems if it has the means to plan and organize these solutions. That's why we began by canvassing the community in Baalbek, paying attention to the energy of the youth and coming to understand their opinions so we would be able to formulate projects that are appropriate to the region's needs. While seeking the community's opinions... While working on the GCC site... We began to formulate our plans after polling the community, without forgetting the forms that we'd filled out. A school that's big enough for 1350 students, but unfortunately it lacks a public library that would benefit the students of Baalbek, so here we began our first project. The first project: Buying books in order to equip the scientific, cultural, and literary collections in the library of the Abdu Murtada al-Huseini Institute It will also contain books for entertainment that suit the high school curriculum. The Abdu Murtada al-Huseini Institute The Library of Abdu Murtada al-Huseini This is the library, but it's more like a repository for extraneous objects, without the books which feed the soul and the mind at the same time. Similarly, we searched far and wide and we found a school that has a library and books but which lacks the encyclopedias that its students need for their studies. So the second project was complementary to the first. The second project: equip the library of the The Official English Baalbek Girls' School with scientific and cultural books in accordance with the needs of the students and their curricula. The Official English Baalbek Girls' School, which has 410 students in each year The library of the Official English Baalbek Girls' School Goals: To restore the link between the past and future; to revive the role of the written word; to enrich the culture of youth and develop their intellectual capacities; and to integrate students and strengthen the communication between schools. As for the world-wide project: A prominent Australian scholar sad that the lack of clean water will be the biggest problem facing the world in the next fifty years. At an environmental conference in Melbourne, he said that different sectors of workers must realize how much they rely on the environment and implement a new economic framework focused on long-term gains. Therefore, our world-wide project is the water crisis. From that point, we began to arrive at solutions. Zahra Jaafar Munif Raad Batuul Sulh Diana Tahhaan Abbas Habib Wala al-Arab Radwan Othman Qasim Salima Rami Sulh Jamil Sulh

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