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Barcelona during PLE Conference

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Ricardo TorresKompen: Getting ready for #PLE_BCN :) PLE Conference: @sorayapa el streaming en :) Ricardo TorresKompen: Cup of tea with @virtualleader before heading to #PLE_BCN venue :) TJoyce Seitzinger: will be live stream @tswinke - url to follow... #ple_bcn Su White: ready and badged for #PLE_BCN Tillman Swinke: @timbuckteeth Will there be any coverage about #ple_bcn ? I mean except your twitter stream ;-) Andreas *aka*: Modelling informal learning needs rethinking of learning processes - formal ed. approaches not good enough: #ple_b Joyce Seitzinger: sorry @gcourous and @courosa - got wrong tag yesterday #CourosBrosEuro10 #ple_bcn gcouros: About to get ready to watch @courosa at #ple_bcn . Good luck bro! Joyce Seitzinger: drat, i stuffed up the printing for my badge. who knew stick-on tattoos were so finicky... #ple_bcn Joyce Seitzinger:ok colleagues home in Aotearoa&Oz, I know it's late but hope you participate in #PLE_BCN twitter & live stream #eite - kickoff in 1.5h Tillman Swinke: Thanks @catspyjamasnz ! Very eager to hear about! #ple_bcn GemmaUrgell: Today, #talkingabout in #PLE_BCN :) Carlos Santos: Breakfast before #PLE_BCN Ilona Buchem: On my way to Citilab #ple_bcn it?s hot in Barcelona Workshop Talk: RT @cataspanglish RT @GemmaUrgell: Today, #talkingabout in #PLE_BCN :): cataspanglish: RT @GemmaUrgell: Today, #talkingabout in #PLE_BCN :) Ricardo TorresKompen: @cr_wookie thanks! We hope #PLE_BCN is going to be a success too! Carol Cooper-Taylor: @catspyjamasnz yep we're following #PLE_BCN and jealous of weather reports. Cold and wet here PLE Conference: @tswinke setting up streaming....

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Duration: 9 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: Romania
Language: English
Producer: Gabriela, Carmen
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Posted by: cami13 on Aug 5, 2010

Images from Barcelona, taken during the PLE Conference. An exercise of subtitling too, the transcript is created from messages sent during the conferences, exported from

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