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What is this pain? Now we understand. Why does the individual have a pain In his head, in his throat, in his stomach, in his bones, in his body? Only one reason. Because the soul is overwhelmed with the desire to live and when the soul decides to leave all kinds of negativity can attaches it up there and therefore if an individual finds himself in pain, he has to first realize why it is happening it is happening because you have over this incarnation, maybe also from previous incarnations, you have made such an uncomfortable state for your soul to reside within your body that once leave it's begun the process: sometimes slow, sometimes greater If a person feels that pain and understands the understanding has to come first why is it happening? It is happening because I have created an uncomfortable environment for my soul to reside and therefore this study or this spiritual work Why am I doing it? I am doing it because I need to create a little bit more comfort for my soul within my body and therefore it says in the Talmud and the kabbalist teachers that and you know it does not mean of course we do not use a medicine or all that but we have to always realize that the root cause of any discomfort any disease is the fact that we have created an uncomfortable environment for our soul and remember that it is possible the extreme case is that a person can create environment for its soul at least most of his day and life is based on and focused on desire to share and connect to the Light of Creator, the soul wants to stay there the soul wants to stay there forever and our work and the purpose of our work is to cleanse and to clean and to grow and to enable a comfortable place for our soul to reside and when the soul feel comfortable within the body maybe it wants to stay there forever but it certainly while it is here gives you the ability to completely reveal its light and completely reveal the purpose for it came to this world.

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