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2794 Coming into hospital for Breast Surgery

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Before you come into hospital for breast surgery, your medical team will book you in to a pre-assessment clinic, and will let you know whether you are coming in for day surgery, overnight, or for a few days. A pre-assessment clinic is where we check your overall health using tests such as blood tests, ECG and blood pressure. We will also screen you for MRSA which can cause a bacterial infection, and gather details about your GP and contact information for a relative or friend. These tests will vary dependant on if you are coming into the day surgery unit or if you are an in-patient. If you are coming in for day surgery, you will be discharged on the same day as your operation. If you are going to stay overnight, you will need toiletries, front fastening nightclothes, post operative bra and a dressing gown. Also, pack a small amount of money but leave your valuables and jewellery at home. Please don’t apply any skin creams and remove all nail polish. If you’re taking any medication please bring them in their original containers or packets, including homeopathic remedies and drugs purchased from a pharmacy. You may also want to bring in some books, magazines and music. It also a good idea to bring a non-underwired bra to wear after your operation. Your breast care team will advise when you can start wearing it again. The most important thing is that your bra is comfortable and supportive. Please follow the instructions on your letter regarding eating and drinking. However, it is important that you stay hydrated, and you should drink sips of still water right up to being called for your operation. Now you are ready to go, but if you feel unwell, please phone the hospital as soon as possible. Before the procedure, the pre-assessment nurse will explain what will happen, check your blood pressure and ask you some questions about your health and medications. They will check that you have taken your tablets, if you have been asked to take them. You will have a name band on your wrist or ankle and you may be asked to put on special surgical stockings (called TED stockings) to help prevent clots forming in your legs. You will also meet your surgeon and your anaesthetist and this is a good time to ask any questions and discuss your concerns about the procedure.  Lastly, your nurse will help you get ready for theatre.

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2794 Coming into hospital for Breast Surgery

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