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IEM Katowice 2016 (hotel) part 1

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This is where we'll live Really pretty We're in Katowice, Poland Arrived in our hotel Here's Edward on reception I live guess with who That's right I live with Guardian And this hotel looks pretty nice Let's go see our room Bye guys And that's the situation at the moment To be honest I'm really tired, slept for an hour or so All the painting, kind of old school style Seized! Sup bro Seized:Recording? Yeah Just want to show people, you liking it so far? My room is 420 (kek) "Discussing room numbers" Are the rooms good Denis? Is flamie with you? Starix: They're saying the hotel is full Okay guys I'm leaving What's your room Denis? What treatments did you get in the spa? Different ones Pasha and Neo are pressing already Pressing what? They're in the gym? Denis, are they in the gym? Seized:Yes Oh okay Alright let's go What? Let me leave [TRIGGERED] Why are Fnatic legends on IEM site and we are "Winners of IEM San Jose" Seized:Because we won something and they didn't Seized:What did they win? Edward:2 ESL ESEA seasons and two ESL majors lol Seized: EnVy are "winners on their site as well [cuts off] What a circus Where is Ladislav, when's he coming? Seized:No idea We thought he was already here Seized: He should've been How did the trip here go? The whole trip to Katowice Seized:It was okay, 6 hour trip Oh, cause I slept for an hour Seized:We slept on the plane Okay I'm in 420, where is that? Is it here? Whaaaat Oh, here, lol So fucking lost Not sleeping affects your everything Happens sometimes If you guys want videos with Guardian, like this video Suggest in comments whatever you want me to do/ask GuardiaN For example where is his Dragon Lore Okay let's see our room Imagine GuardiaN is naked here Anybody here? Looks like an apartment Oh God What is this I haven't seen anything like this in my life Definitely an interesting layout Okay New jerseys You guys get the drill, if you're interested, ask GuardiaN in the comments I will try to read and answer, upload a video with Ladislav See ya!

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Feb 29, 2016

IEM Katowice 2016 (hotel) part 1

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