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C1L2 Two Handed Warm-up

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If you expect to play good tennis you have to have a good warm up. This two handed warm up helps you locate your best hitting point every time play. Because you have two hands on the racket on both sides forehand and backhand it really forces to take the ball right in your wheel house, right at the 45 degree angle. On the forehand side you want to keep the right hand above or the backhand as if you left hander hitting a two handed backhand. And on the backhand you want to switch your hands quickly with your left hand on top. See that you just make a quick switch, you kind of push pull, you push your hands together and pull them apart all at the same time. You make a quick swap, so its also good for your co-ordination. The real reason we do this drill is to help you find your best hitting point. You can't reac too far ahead of you or there won't be any power in the stroke. If you take it behind you, you will really get hand cuffed. You will feel very awkward. This forces you to find the 45 degree angle every time you warm up. You will have a much better chance of playing well that day. We make it look fairly easy as we both line up our bodies. I do this every time I warm up with my students. We do this for about 5 minutes before we go to the baseline. This is a boy here who plays very little tennis, at the most he plays his once a week with me and thats it. We probably miss at least one lesson a month. He doesn't get a lot of practice in but he can feel nice and steady especially at short court, by just keeping two hands on the racket. This really forces him to concentrate, as you can see he will loose his 45 that is when things go awry. In general he can have a lot of instant success. Because having two hands on both sides just makes you find the right contact point. It also teaches when you need to swing volley, or hit a pick up most people aren't quit sure they caught very often by putting your racket right there on the 45 with the two hands you know where to move from there. Look at this kid very steady for someone who never plays tennis. He can do the same from the back court. Here is one of my top students, with another one of my pro's. This is how they are warming up just to have a lesson or a hit. You want the contact point to be in the middle of the stroke. So this teaches with the two hands how to pull the ball into you. See that you pull it into your wheel house, your most comfortable contact point. You end up not reaching or not catching the ball late, because it forces you to do the right thing. Its a great way to warm up. Make sure that every time you go to play, you get someone to do a little two handed short court with you. You will definitely have a great day on the court and confidence at contact.

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The quintessential tennis warm up.

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