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Truth & Lies

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Truth, lies and sex offenders This young minister has been accused of child sexual abuse. He is an outstanding member of the community, widely respected and well liked. He has no criminal record of any sort, is he guilty? You decide! I was a youth minister, and assistant minister. It was a rather small congregation for our community around 200 - 300 people, at best 300. And I fill the needs of an assistant pastor, of an associate minister, a deacon of the highest being elder pastor and working with the youth of the congregation. He was a kid at church, underprivileged, he came in with a group of other children and I reached out and tried to help him, because no one else would and just like the kids that normally are underprivileged, they try to take advantage of people who help them. Obviously he has a lot of disturbances, mental problems, I think he was even in a mental institution for three years before coming to church, before being in the boys home, he has a criminal record anyway. Yes I think ministers are victimised by false reports, they have a very sensitive job they are out there working with people constantly, they are alone many times unsupervised the only person with them are the minister and the child, the minister and the accusing victim if you will. So who is to say the minister didn't do it? 80% of the time I would say the victim is believed more than the minister. And it's because of all the heightened hoopla over victims and all that stuff, it's ridiculous! Ministers too much are victimised themselves for their kind deeds people wanting to get money out for them if they're a little bit successful and then their entire reputation is shot. They go back into the ministry and they may say they trust them but they are never totally trusted again. Their entire education, work, whatever they have gone through for years has gone down the drain never to be fully restored, never to be fully recapacitated as what was before, it's a shame. It's extremely discouraging, I have spent two years in seminary, I am the youngest deacon of the Methodist church in the state and all of that prior effort and work, my entire life dream, the hopes of my parents is now being questioned. I only hope God deals mercifully with them. Whats the truth? Was he falsely accused as he claims? I had 53 hands on definite victims and there are 42 other ones that can be questioned. As far as age is concerned I had 53 minor victims. In fact, did you molest Mickey? Yes I did, I molested Mickey. On numerous occasions throughout a 3 year period, beginning at 9 until he was 12 years old. I knew Michael before he began coming to the congregation where I attended. I worked many times with the people in his area with problemed children, as an older teenager I would go out and assist people, in the boys homes and so forth for small things like baseball games, softball games, etcetera. And as a matter of fact I chose him as a victim because he was a problemed child, because people neglected him and at times pushed him aside and i know it would be easy for me to get close to him, to be his friend I also know if he told no one would believe him basically and in fact they didn't. When he did tell and it became a bigger issue, when I was investigated. The head of department came to me and said you have nothing to worry about. He said we can tell from the very beginning that this is a big scheme. And it was dropped almost as quickly as it came about. I was caught twice before i was incarcerated. Really it wasn't being caught, it was I was told on twice before being incarcerated. They were not believed the first two times, I had many people; councillors, church leaders, leaders of the community to come up and stand in my defence several times in those occasions. It was simply just totally disbelieved. Even the second time, it was more stood out against than the first time because they thought 'well here he goes again' this young man tying to help unfortunate children and they are turning against him'. and i had a minister come to me to tell me, he said 'Patric, what going on is that you'll come across this many times, people you'll try to help will stab you in the back' he said 'roll with the punches, stick with it, you're doing a good job and in the end you'll be blessed for it'.

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Truth and lies

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