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Public Speaking: Giving a Great Speech : Public Speaking Tips: Using Notes

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Okay, I'm giving my speech now. Okay, I'm giving my speech with my note cards. We're going to talk about note cards people. Note cards are a great thing to use, and most people prefer small cards for note cards. But a lot of people like to work straight off a piece of paper off their outline. Now there's a few problems with note cards, and I want to warn you about them. That's one. You might drop them, and then what happens, you're already nervous, you're scrambling, you're scrambling, okay, okay, okay, I got it. I'm ready to go. And that would be problem two. Holding the note card or the paper in front of your face. You can't hold that in front of your face. I can't build a relationship with you if I can't see your face. Another thing, you've got to remember to breathe like I talked about last time, or you'll be up here giving your speech and I'll be so focused on you papers that I won't listen to you. Okay, hold your note cards, use your note cards, keep them down here. And something else that's really important, and I see this a lot with note cards. You drop your note cards, you lose your place, never ever apologize. Never, ever in the middle of your speech tell me what a bad job you're doing or how bad I must think you are, or how sorry you are, because none of that's true. Visualize success, remember. All you have to say is, excuse me just a minute, and if you're funny you can make a joke. Remember, only if you're funny. So note cards are a really important tool, but keep them organized. That way they can keep your organized. Keep them out of your face, and maybe you even put your hands down so that I don't see you shaking.

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When giving public speeches, note cards can be useful, but they come with a few caveats. Use note cards properly for a speech with tips from a communications specialist in this free public speaking video.

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