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Financial Strength - Dan Houston_Intro v03_Passport

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This has been quite a unique time for all of us. This began as a global health crisis and quickly became something even greater. The impact of COVID-19 on markets and the economy has created significant uncertainty for individuals and businesses around the world. Our daily lives have been thrown for a loop – and no one can tell us how long it will last. Naturally, many people are looking to the Great Recession of 2008 - and asking whether the results of that time period are a gauge for our future. But today’s circumstances are significantly different for Principal, and it's for the better. Today, Principal is in a much stronger financial position than we were in 2008. In fact, we’re in one of the most robust financial positions in our 141-year history. We have a more diversified and disciplined business model, a balanced investment portfolio, a very strong capital and liquidity position, and some of the healthiest financial strength ratings in the financial services industry. So, although we expect to take a short-term hit during this unprecedented crisis, we’re prepared to meet our long-term promises to over 33 million customers around the world. In the short-term, here are just a few steps we’re taking to protect our customers, our employees, as well as our investors. We’ve worked as hard as we can to create a safe yet productive work environment for our employees. Throughout our operations in more than 80 different markets around the world, almost all of our 17,000 employees are working remotely to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve increased the number of workers in our customer care centers and provided ongoing, focused communication to our customers on the potential impacts of COVID-19 on their plans, policies, and of course, their portfolios. We have faced many unprecedented events in our history, and we’ve always come out a better and stronger company. And we will this time too. Together, we’ll get through this. Stay safe. And be well everyone.

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Posted by: moore.jimmy on Mar 26, 2020

Financial Strength - Dan Houston_Intro v03_Passport

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