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Arsenic Life Form Changes Everything says NASA 2010-2011

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Arsenic and- NASA? NA'SA? NASAL? sound Arsenic - according to some reports NA'SA? NASA? I mean, I'm South African so I say these things differently as is "discovered" should we rather say "uncovered" realized another, or a 'new' Life form it can't be new because it's here - it's another Life form something not considered before something maybe the result of human "action" which is a bacteria that built it's- used arsenic as it's building blocks for the RNA and the DNA it is in a way that wasn't considered possible before so did god, do that to man? or is did man do that to man's self or is the bacteria really "actually alive" and able to make a decision for what's best for the world if you go and do research at Desteni on the interviews we did through the portal with bacteria and viruses and what they "intented doing" - in terms of the human race? you may get some perspective so this is still early days, this has just- been revealed so arsen- really the only way for man to find god? or Jesus? also is arsenic was arsen- our son- our sen is that- is there a son? son of man that apparently come to save us but here we have it - the bacteria in a way never conceived possible fasten your seat belts - humans the wold is coming to an end as we have indicated clearly in the interviews through the portal and there is nothing you can do about it you're going to have to stand one and equal as Life here and purify yourself because if you are found wanting when you are measured that will be 'it' isn't it? always we had - just a first death now we will have the second death at last purifying Life - eternal so if you are not able to stand the face of Life by the end of your Life and "prove" that you truly care about all ways all Life even a bacteria that is coming and made- itself from arsenic you will not be found worthy of Life I mean that's common sense so as a small step - we start with Equal Money Equal Life, political change to bring about the coming together and sort out the educational disparities that exist in this world because unless we do that human beings are going to find agreeing really difficult and there's going to be obviously those with lots of fear and those that abuse - you always have the bullies but how do you "bully" the legions of heaven - which is the bacteria and the viruses they are the legions of heaven they are not- angels that's coming it is things coming that you can do nothing about they come in their "uncountable" numbers and they ask a question: Do you deserve to live? "do" you really care? do you understand what love is? do you give a fuick? otherwise you are fuicked it's about time, isn't it? the line- has been drawn the destiny of world of the universe is - determined by Equality who are you? really will be established not who you "think" you are that's a lie who you really are - is mostly evil beyond measure that's why you are on earth in- -carcerated in flesh flesh is god you're the one fuicked you better- get back to the basics become one with flesh so the word becomes flesh unless the word becomes flesh and the word is truly - here! as Life as god as what- is Life itself you will be no more- with your last breath the flesh will remain you will be "terminated"

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 30, 2011


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