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TEDxSkopje - Гоце Митевски - 10.30.10

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Around two years ago, in lots of spare time, I decided to experiment in a software application for 3D visualization and create a prototype of a graph that looks professional. I got the idea once I discovered that on the Internet there practically aren't any free templates of graphs that look professional and can be used freely. How did I remember to explore exactly this topic? In that time I was working for a client who needed this kind of templates. The client had a limited budget and was looking for some free templates which he can use directly on his website and, of course, do that for free. Unfortunately, the seek ended unsuccessfully, we didn't find anything and we finished with the project earlier than projected. Luckily, the thing that we didn't find that kind of graphs, was inspirational enough for me to become active and try to create that kind of templates. I didn't set any limits, so one prototype led to the first six linear 3D graphs, which later I presented to a famous Internet magazine for designers and got an offer to broaden this collection and have it published as an exclusive release of the magazine. And so, on the 3 November 2008, with a total of 18 different graphs the first release of "The Graphs" or "Графиконите" was released. It was really amazing how easy things were happening, I contacted the magazine sincerely and with great enthusiasm, so I got the same kind of response from them. I wrote through the general contact form on their website. Once the release was published, comments started to arrive from everywhere. The interesting thing was that my release touched many people and that was very strange for me, because I expected that some special conditions needed to be fulfilled so that I can get a chance to present myself to the world. Of course, in the manner of speaking, I completely disregarded the help that can be obtained by the communication through the Internet. The release was free, so very quickly it was everywhere on the Internet. Links to my website came from everywhere and my name was written everywhere. I even found a web page on which, on graph, one type of The Graphs, is used as a logo. Everything that happened those few days, led me to think about the nature of the Internet and the approach that should be taken toward it as a medium. I could surely conclude that instant promotion on the Internet isn't impossible. Of course, not everyone gets that kind of promotion, but only projects that make it to the front pages of famous Internet magazines or projects for which a lot is written. So now, logically it is asked: "How can my project make it to the front page of such magazine?" And it is human to first recollect the short way thus, pay someone to write good stuff about us. Of course, payed articles are very transparent and users will very easily and quickly discover your intention. But, lets say that can be helpful: will you have so much money, to pay so many people that will speak so much good things about you and your project, so that you can achieve a worldwide success? That's especially hard, if you work on personal projects, thus projects that you are involved in out of love and projects for which it's almost impossible to find financial, financial validity. Maybe, you'll recollect to, let's say, find some people with which you made personal contacts and who are incredibly influential, but, a problem also arises. The problem is you'll need to have more and more contacts with influential people, that in a certain moment, you won't be able to accomplish. Once you go through all similar maneuvers, which I hope will stay only in your heads and you won't test in reality, there is space, for analysis on a much higher level. When I created The Graphs, at first I wasn't quite clear why did people react so positively, but later I understood what exactly I have done with my project. The Graphs, I mean when I worked on the graphs, let me go back to the very beginning, when I discovered there are practically no free graphs on the Internet, I mean free templates of graphs, which can be downloaded for free, have a professional look and can be freely used, I practically didn't have an obligation, nor did I have a need to be worried why there are no such graphs. But, of course I had a choice and I could actively contribute to change that situation. And here is when I practically understand what I have done with my project. I have practically, as harsh as this may sound, decided to change the world. If yesterday there were no graphs, that are free for download, have professional look and can be used in a lot of places, meaning they are widely usable, then today there are such graphs directly as a result of an idea, which derives, which is produced by my brain and realized with my effort. The thing that I decided to spare some of my free time and create a project with which, I help the world, secured me a right to a worldwide promotion. The thing that a network exists, a global network such as the Internet, made that promotion almost, almost instantaneous. When we come to this kind of realizations we have to also go through the other popular cases of global success which are everywhere around us. All global projects, meaning all projects that achieved planetary success, have one common characteristic: all of those projects in some way, change the life in reality. Google changed the way we reach the information we seek. Facebook changed the way we communicate. Twitter changed the way we blog. changed the way we listen and discover music. Odesk changed the way we seek for a job we can work on from home. All these projects have achieved great success and have received great media attention because they are universally usable and because they helped a lot of people. Not because they are multi-million businesses, they became multi-million businesses once they were discovered and interest arose from many investors. No, you don't have to run a business on the Internet. There are countless non-governmental organizations that publish, positive messages, daily on their web pages, which bring positive changes in the world. People, from every side of the world, daily contribute for the development of the free and open source software. People from every side of the world, every day update the pages of the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Artists from everywhere publish their artworks online. People learn and share knowledge on the Internet. People realize their projects on the Internet. Once you have these realizations, you become even more grateful of the existence of this network and you are completely clear why the whole humanity invests in such a global project. You understand that the country you come from becomes absolutely unimportant. The bonds you set aren't limited to your physical presence. The products you sell, the products you produce, don't have to be meant for buyers in your near surroundings. Furthermore, you ask if you can apply for your next scholarship on the Internet. You discover that you have countless international competitions on which you can apply with just a few clicks with the mouse, international competitions in all disciplines. You discover, also, that you have access to lots of international funds for almost any kind of projects. In the end, when you find this all out, you conclude, that with the Internet, you can practically complete your projects the most quickly. Imagine that now, you've your project in your hands and there is an abstract structure that's still being built in front of you. There are countless free slots reserved for ideas in it. There are many people like you, there is equality, unlimited educational resources, answers to almost all questions, you've had hard times with and there are free tools with which you can quickly and simple materialize your ideas. Well, isn't that enough for you to start realizing your project today? Thank you.

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Posted by: tedxskopje on Feb 8, 2011

Во својот говор „Графикони за светот - лекција за мене“, Гоце Митевски зборува за неговиот модел на графикони и како ефективно да промовираш своја идеа преку Интернет.

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