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Robert Kiyosaki Serie

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Work Hard The next sacred cow is: Work Hard. There's my poor dad, school teacher, great guy, Ph.D... always said: "I'm a good hard working man". And my rich dad, had a different point of view, he had been reading this book, by Mark Twain. It was a story of how Huckle Berry Finn or somebody, got the other kids to paint the fence for him CASH FLOWS FROM E & S TO B & I He says: "that's working hard". You want other people to work hard for you and you want your money work hard for you. That was his lesson. E & S WORK HARD FOR MONEY. YOU WANT MONEY TO WORK HARD FOR YOU. Now, a lot of people, really, they can't wait till friday, because they hate their work so much and they thread sunday, 'cos they have to go back to work. With us, I would, say most of us, are working 24/7, but we're working differently. I love my work: there's challenging,there's problems, all that stuff... but I love it!! So we work hard, but we don't work hard in the normal sense of working hard. The problem with working hard for money, because THE RICH DON'T WORK FOR MONEY!! The problem of working hard for money is you pay more... what?... -Taxes..-Taxes!! THE HARDER YOU WORK FOR MONEY, THE MORE YOU WILL PAY IN TAXES, right? If instead of working hard for, for money, like your telling them. Instead you work for Assets, then you pay a lot less taxes. Because the tax law, again, is geared towards building Assets. Because, if we build Assets, we build the economy. TIME OUT!!! The big difference for E's and S's and B's and I's: E's and S's focus on the Income statement and B's and I's focus on the Asset column My rich dad, simply said to me: He said: ASSETS PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET, whether you work or not. and LIABILITIES TAKE MONEY FROM YOUR POCKET. For example, my house is a Liability, because it takes money from my pocket every single month. And my rental properties are Assets because they put money in your pocket, whether you work or not. One of the reasons so many people are struggling financially today, is: they buy Liabilities, they think are Assets. As we build Assets, the economy goes. And the employees get benefit also because now, we have more jobs for more employees. But on Michael's side, why we have people working so hard, is because the FED's also working hard printing money, right? Yeah, I've got friends that just say, I need to get more hours or I need to get a second job, or something like that; they're working harder, to make a few more dollars but they don't realized; over the entire past decade, the average in real income, after inflation, has been fallen. So the harder people work, the less they're making anyway. Because, the Government and the Federal Reserve, the Banking System, their, basically, stealing from you. Can we bring the bags of coins, right now? -Thank you -Kim: I'm not going to hold that!!! - Robert: I'm doing an example In the year 2000, One gold coin cost $300 dollars. So, this is $300 dollars in US quarters. Today in 2010, that same gold coin.... it takes $1,100 dollars to buy the same coin. So the reason people have to work so hard to keep up, to keep paying money, is because the value of your dollars are going down. So the insanity of: going and get another job, pay more taxes and work harder, when.... How many dollars did the FED print in 2009? From august 2008 through 2009, they created about 1½ times more paper dollars, than it took 200 years, previous years to print!! So that's why people are working harder, because your money is worth less. And it isn't the coin that changed, people don't understand that it isn't this price going up, is the value of the dollar falling, is the currency that's changing. The can of soup in the grocery store, that can of Campbell's soup, is the same can, with the same contents from back in 1950... (AS THE DOLLAR LOSES VALUE, INFLATION GOES UP...INFLATION CAUSES PEOPLE TO BECOME POORER). ...when it was 15 cents, to today, that is $1.95 or whatever it is. So that's why the rules have changed. In 1971, the US Dollar stopped being money and it became a.... -It became a currency, became DEBT!! -It became an IOU for the Federal Government. And the thing is they can print as much as they'd like of it. The more they print.....the harder you have to work. It all takes place in your head!! Take this glass, here. In this case, the glass, here, is CONTEXT, it holds, the CONTENT, in this case, the water. E's and S's have a different CONTEXT than B's and I's. Having a different CONTEXT, E's and S's attract the sacred cows (CONTENT), like: Go To School, Work Hard, Live Below your Means. B's and I's, having a different CONTEXT, entirely!, attract different kind of CONTENT, different type of information, different type of education. Money is created out of your head!! The true, B and I are not concern, is because just like the FED, we can print our own money.

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Country: Mexico
Language: English
Director: Robert and Kim Kiyosaki
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Posted by: l.a.gomez on Aug 19, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki nos comparte una serie de 8 videos, en donde ataca directamente los mitos más arraigados ("vacas sagradas") alrededor del dinero y las ideas populares acerca de las finanzas. Videos muy reveladores que cambiaran tu perspectiva y de seguro tus ideas acerca del dinero y las finanzas Mayor información: [email protected]

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