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SpaceUp HOU 11 - From Harlem to Space T-5

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Candy Torres: I grew up in New Jersey [audience: woo-hoo] I lived in Houston for a long time. Anyway. Harlem to Space.This is a book I'm putting together with my stories. Tim: (off camera) Sorry, it's going crazy. Candy: It did the same thing on my... it works fine on my computer -- It's just A-B-C-D Tim: Alright. We'll leave it like this. How's that? Candy: Yep. One slide at a time. So that's what I'm working with right now. The Harlem park is where my parents grew up and I'll get to that. I'm going to go through this very quickly. So that's just the cover page. This is just sort of an outline. But I call it instead of a table of contents it's a table of mis-contents right now. These are just images from my life. This is me as a little kid and I just call it "The Dream". We're all explorers. Especially Torres, for me, and I'll get into that, is the name for explorers. Yes. It means towers. But aren't we all explorers at birth. Okay. So I'm getting into genealogy. But I did start when I was a kid because when I did see something it made me get interested. So there's me in Spain, actually. There's no success without obstacles and failures. Persistence and believing in the impossible are critical. Okay. So this is what got me started when I was a kid I liked geography and I saw this on a map...Torres Straight. And I thought, "Oh my gosh! There's someone with my last name." And it was only last year that I found out who this person was. But that really wasn't important to me at the time. I knew he may not be related to me, but it's got my name. Anyway, with research I found there are Torres' on all of Columbus' ships. Oh my gosh. So I just figured he was Louis de Torres' interpretor, I think he's one of these guys because he was with Columbus. So anyway, but, I'm going to find out. I'd like to think that we are related. So this guy was after Columbus and you can see -- They always, Louis de Torres was a very popular name so don't get confused. And there's Columbus' voyages and I could go on and on but we'll just skip through that just to give you an overview of what I'm doing in terms of who I am and communicating because it's all about outreach and exploration. Next slide please. And I've been going to Puerto Rico to find out more about my family. So these are images. I sat there and I can see, imagine, the explorer's ships coming through on the Atlantic Ocean. It's awesome. There's Ponce de Leon the first Governor of Puerto Rico, and I think on this street is where my father was born in old San Juan. That's the description I've gotten. That is a ship, it's called the Cuomo. So that's the ship that my parents came on when they were kids to New York City. And that's the family, a little older. And because I was interested in space exploration I wanted to be an astronaut. We didn't have Challenger Centers and all this stuff. We had the Civil Air Patrol. So I learned to fly an airplane before I learned to drive a car. So that's me up there. With our little Piper Cub. And then here I am, this is STS-1. I was there. And so you want some stories, these are my pictures. My pictures. My stories There I am. I got in this dress for the STS-7 launch . was legitimate. But anyway. This is here in Houston. Ellington. This is me working on the Space Station and again Ellington. Yes. I've been doing photography for about thirty years or more. And I want to bring that, that's the human aspect of what it means to be an explorer in space exploration. It's in my blood. I can't do anything else. I don't want -- nothing else has meaning to me. So that's what I want to share, is how something can ... in everybody's life will draw them to something. For me it was space exploration. Thank you.

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SpaceUp HOU 11 - From Harlem to Space T-5

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