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王鐘銘 《在誰在時代保護入地獄人民》Chung Ming Wang's statement

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My name is Chung Ming Wang. I am the spokesman of Green Party Taiwan, and the candidate of New Taipei City councilor. Over the past ten years, as we can see, Taiwan has to confront different tragedies every year. Some of them are resulting from climate change, some from other reasons. Taiwan government, in fact, cannot properly respond to these disasters, no matter in dealing with the aftermath or minimizing the probability of disaster and reducing risk in advance. That is because, for decades, Taiwan government has treated this land, our island, as a piece of material to develop its economy and make use of it restlessly; therefore, resulting all kinds of natural disaster. Green Party Taiwan has been reflecting on such an inappropriate way to exploit our land. Any policy regarding land development in the country, must foresee the fragile part of the natural environment so as to prevent the occurrence of any disaster in the future. If any catastrophe that are unavoidable, we should come out a better method to solve and face it. In order to deal with the aftermath resulting from natural disaster, we need good policies, which are advised by an environmental-friendly party. And this is why Green Party Taiwan, this year, launches candidates all around Taiwan, from north to south, main island to outlaying island, during this election. Each candidate shows concern for our land, our environment and the living of our people; and thus propose relating politic views, hoping to assist every citizen in Taiwan to face the age of calamitous and to overcome the challenges that climate change has brought to us. Let’s work together, to help our country overcome adversity in this hard times, and make people’s life better. .

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Posted by: asiapacificgreens on Aug 18, 2014

A message from Chung ming WANG for the Global Greens Climate Campaign

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