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We feel and accept the idea that somehow the month of Tammuz is a month that reflects tragedy. I'd like to even begin by quoting the Talmud in tractate Taanit which says: { .. Hebrew ...} Five events took place during the month of Tammuz specifically B'Shivah Asar of Tammuz in the 17th day of Tammuz and the Mishra continues "what happened?" B'Shivah Asar of Tammuz in the 17th day of Tammuz { .. Hebrew ...} The scroll that Moses has brought down from Mont Sinai was destroyed. { .. Hebrew ...} Two temples, the surrounding walls of the two temples were pierced by the enemy. That day, the sacrifices still do exist also in the 17th day of Tammuz in another words, the possibility of cleasing the atmosphere from negative activity no longer was available. And then at that day, one of the generals of the enemy Apostomus brougth idol worship into the temple. Five events. Why not six. Why not four. But obviously in Kabbalah when something of this very significant nature takes place we got to pay more attention than just saying well it just happened. If the Talmud and the Zohar stresses the month of Tammuz. This five events. The first thought that should come to anyone who is learning Kabbalah is the number five. It´s so simple. Five is the total entity. Keter, Chochma, Binah, Zer Arpin, Malchut. That´s the total entity. A total complete body and energy. Where ever it´s located. Whatever the significance, whatever the implication. If it´s five, it´s total. We know that there is something significant in the month of Tammuz. There is a totallity of an entity here in this month that is known as destruction. That exists in this month. The seed for caos is planted. Because as we have learned in Kabbalah Satan must have been given the opportunity to ply his trade (?). That´s free will. If there was no Satan and all there was, was just God consciouness who would steal, who would be evil? What´s the choice to be made? Weather to steal or not if I need money, I don't have no bread on the table why not go out and steal a loaf of bread? Where that idea come from? If there was no idea of Satan, nobody would steal. Nobody would kill. There would be no evil in the world. So for the purpose of free will, for earning, removing the Bread of Shame Satan consciousness inevitably must exist for the purpose of our growth for what was said, there would be no growth, There would be no removal of the Bread of Shame. This is the month. Why this month? Why this month? Says the Ari that word Tammuz comes from the word tam vav zayin because there will always be a balance. While at the same time this month contains the planting of Satan consciouness, of caos, and therefore, why did both destructions take place in this month? I mean, what a coincidence! It is not a coincidence. This was inevitable results of Satan. Inevitable results. This was as you plant the seed so will be this tree. However, the vav and the zayin is transfered over into ... they´re united. You noticed the chet. You see a vav and a zayin. That´s why the chet according to the Ari is written that way. Because these two letters are the letters that govern the month of Tammuz. Why these two letters? To assist us in combating caos and disorder. God, give us a break. There is so much of that around. Can't you sometimes give us a little Light? And the asnwers is God gives you Light every moment of the day. He is only asking: "Please subscrite to it. Take it. Make use of it." Remember, we are discussing not the nobility of making a better world. Because a better world will never come about without the assistance of better individuals. Each individual will make that totality of a better world, but it first begins with the individual. The secret of ending all caos is restriction, being satisfied with what you got. Understanding maybe I haven't gotten ritght now because I am cleaning out from prior life time. All of the things that you are learning in the Centre. {... Hebrew ...} We come here to gather this energy, the support of this energy. The letters, the suda (?) Rosh Chodesh, the sharing. All to give us in the seed level, the first day of this month the most powerful, the Keter. As we plant, so shall you sow.

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