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System Demon - Possession Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demons - Possession Demon This is me the possession demon system, possession system demon ok where am I the most- what do you call it? where do I flourish the most? is in relationships human beings in relationships with whoever they're in that relationship with that person or that thing- is their possession relationship is just a pretty word to cover up the truth which is possession human beings understand that you are systems I am a system speaking to you, you created me so I am a system in you as you- you created me so, in other word we are covering the truth of mankind right? so in another word what I am saying here is relationships is the beautiful word cover up for possession, ok? which then includes all that springs out of possession which is fear of loss obsession adoration apparently love apparently, but all of that what caring apparently, conflict all that fixes up relationship I include that, which is possession because human beings are all so fucking all over- you see people you know people on relationship together fucking kissing and holding each other and hugging like- just saying to the world that she's mine or he's mine you know, no one touch that piece of property that's mine - possession absolute if you look how woman or man dress when they are together whether they are gay or lesbian or in a normal relationship, it aint doesn't matter they wear specific cloths, to tell the world: Look how beautiful I am I am in a relationship with this person, I am taken come on people be jealous it's like people playing games all over the world saying: I have my possession you maybe jealous of my possession playing games with each other and then! an interesting thing's happened a person aren't in relationship together for instance another person cheat to that person, because it's a game! they want to that person be jealous why? because they apparently feel they aren't being loved enough they aren't being adored enough they aren't being cared for enough and they don't feel like a possession anymore, they want to feel like a possession so then they go and cheat, this person fucks up the person this person is cheated with him at the first place, not the person who actually did it, no the person with whom the person cheated on and then those person people fucked up each other, and then they go: Who do you finding over me? oh yeh! and then, the person feels like a possession and the relationship is going on again so people play games, possession games people wanted to feel like possessions, people wanted to feel like trophies that's why there is shit occurs unfortunately the problem is: If you got trophies you've got possessions you've got me possession in people whole Life money is possession homes are possessions, cars is possession cloths is possession children are fucking possession yah, so what am I saying actually? so people have trophies at their home they are putting coverage right? this is my possession, these are my possessions they are walking their home- walking to beautiful homes saying to people: Look at my beautiful flowers, what are they actually saying? people look at my beautiful possessions, these are my possessions these- this is me people have gone into define themselves according to their possessions so if you are fucking rich and you have got all the beautiful possessions in your home you've got all the man in the world all the woman in the world you want to fuck it's like: Look at all my possessions in my world that I have gathered whether you are in a relationship with that person or not when you fuck that person that person is your possession you fuck that person possession say, so you can one day say: Oh I fuck that person that person that person that person they are my possessions you're at home that is another form of possession and say: Look at all my holy possessions, beautiful I am rich look at my cloths, these are my possessions, fronting out to the world then you got the poor people who got fuck all who wish they had possessions, they don't have possessions so what is their possession? their possession is possess by the people who have because they have got nothing then they are fucked! because they envy what others have they don't they possess what am I saying: This world is possess this world is demon's possessed by materialistic cock that existed in this world that's what it is, human beings are demons are possessed fascinating shit, so I am the possession manifestation demon that exist in this world if you- just an add in while I am here if you react to the word fuck and cock and bullshit and shit and all those swear words know that you are actually doing those words to yourself that's why people react to words like that, that's why people react to swear words because fuck, what is fuck mean? fuck means fucking with yourself, why? because you believe you are a demon and you are possessed which you are but you see, you are hiding that, you are hiding with your actual demon as possess by saying: I am a human being, I am a human being, look at my 'earthly' possessions I am not possessed, I have possessions I am in control of my world because I have possessions, I'm not possessed ah human beings, you're- fucking yourself that's why you react to the word fucking, because you know you are doing it to yourself it hilarious ok so thank you very much, this is the possession demon and then, if you react to the word fuck or fucking or whatever you are possessed by that word! you can speak to the swear word demon dimension system, as well not demon dimension system, demon dimension system- now remember we are interdimensional we manifest in you as me we directing your will from now, so you're not going to be walking into anymore saying: Look at my possessions I have these possessions no you are going to realize you are possessed ok thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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